The fear of failure is one of the most common fears that stop people from taking action and preventing them from achieving their dreams and experiencing success. Forgetting the face that it is even more risky not to tak risks. The fear of failing also causes people not to finish what they started and are thus assumed fragile and incapacitated.
If you have been giving excuses such as being busy, having other commitments to take care of or the lack of something, it may indicate that you are afraid to fail. I.e Procrastination surely aids failure and many has deviated or chided from their success due to this. One of the main reasons for the excuses is because you don’t believe in yourself or you are afraid of people’s perception of you and your mission. You probably think that things won’t work out, that you can’t do it or you aren’t good enough. That a mind of impossibility,it incapacitates reasoning and productivity! You may be afraid of being judged, criticized or humiliated by others.


Feeling humiliated or rejected once is enough to cause the fear of failure if the emotional pain that accompanied an incident was devastating. Many at times this results to health deterioration of the physical body or even physical death. It could have happened during your childhood and it may have left a deep emotional scar. And after the terrifying event, whenever an opportunity shows up, your mind will quickly recall the pain and that will stop you from trying or taking action. One must always erase every scar or thoughts of previous attempts that has resulted to set backs (failed).
Those who do not have confidence in themselves are widely prone to fail and do not even try to attain success. A child who tries to walk and falls a few times, and refuses to try again will remain crippled. We may say that is applicable to a child but deep thoughts will inevitable reveal that you fall in this category.


Look for Role Models

One of the ways to overcome the fear of failure is to look out for role models of success. Successful icon you can confidently directly emulate their deeds and borrow from their skills of overcoming failure. There are quite a number of famous people who failed not once or twice but many times before they finally attained success. Abraham Lincoln, Colonel Sanders of the famous Kentucky Fried Chicken and Michael Jordon, PDR Kazeem Oderinu konko-below are a few examples. Yet they poised courageous and achieved their goals and purpose. Read about them and emulate their beliefs and strategies and you will feel inspired to take action.


Another way to overcome the fear of failing is to develop a new and better self image. Don’t ever think that you are inferior or substanded. Self image is the mental picture you hold of yourself,you invariably become physically what you nurture/conceive in your heart about your being. If you see yourself as a failure, that is how you will behave and act and you will end up as one. Use visualization technique combined with positive affirmations to help you improve your self image and self confidence. Tools that can help you change the way you think and belief about yourself include self hypnosis and subliminal messages recording or software I.e books


What if you were in a situation where someone you love deeply is on the brink of death or disaster and you could save her by doing one thing that you were afraid of? Would you do it? Most likely you would. That’s when you deeply cherish the fellow involved. You would overcome your fear of failure with self determination. What it takes is only a change of mind, a decision and a strong desire to act. Try out new things, dare to be different, create your own path, do smae thing differently ect. Detest the status quo!
Isn’t it such a waste of your life if you allow the fear of failure to stop you from getting what you want? Can you imagine what you could learn, experience and feel if you were to just do the things you were afraid of and succeed eventually? Even failure is a part way to success!
Picture the consequences of drifting along in life, staying in your comfort zone, feeling frustrated but unable to change the situation because you are afraid to face your fear. And imagine how your life would be life if you face your fear head on. Communicate with your inner mind, detest and refrain any conception of mediocrity and CAN’T’s!


Your fear of failing is the result of some deep seated emotions. Previous exposure and poor experience. These emotions can push you to action or stop you. Unless you release the emotions that are blocking, you will sabotage your own efforts and won’t open up your mind to welcome new ideas or opportunities. You can try using emotional freedom technique, you could hook up some in books. It is an effective tool to help you release emotional pains.
Other ways that you may want to try to let go of the emotional scar include writing and talk therapy,this can be done even with your casual friends.
Your thoughts are always scattered and unfocused. If something shows up, it will trigger your mind to automatically tell you how to feel or react based on the memories stored in your brain. Positivity will help to destroy limiting beliefs and fear of failure. The next time you feel afraid to do something, get a pen and piece of paper and start a question and answer session. Ask questions such as:
What am I afraid of? 
How did I develop this fear? 
What is the worst thing that can happen if I fail? 
How would I feel if I succeed? 
So what if I …?
In questioning, you will find it amazingly interesting that confidence will naturally pump up in you and you will detest how you can go about actualizing your dreams/desires with little or no effort.

One of the most valuable things we can do to heal one another is listen to each other’s stories. – Rebecca Falls.

By sticking it out through tough times, people emerge from adversity with a stronger sense of efficacy. – Albert Bandura.

Control your destiny or somebody else will. – Jack Welsh

You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside. – Wayne Dyer.

We all have naturally been blessed with the privilege of making our choices, however,what is much more intriguing is the fact that only a few men has really choosed to succed over fear ruggedly. How? You may ask, they simply determined to make leave indelible makes on the sands of time and history. I CHOOSE to SUCCED over fear,what about you?

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