More about the Law of Attraction

Did you know you the Law of Attraction is already working in your life? Don’t believe that? You do believe in gravity and the wind, yes? You can’t see them but you do see their effects. The Law of Attraction is just the same. You don’t really ‘see’ gravity or the wind, but you, like me, know those things exists.
   The Law of Attraction is at work 24×7, 365 days a year, be it good things in your life or not so good things. The Law of Attraction does have a strong influence on you and others, whether you believe it or not. You don’t have to believe in the gravity to see it work. Step off the edge of a tall building and you’ll have instant belief that gravity is real. That belief will be good for about 5 seconds then you will meet with the belief that the ground is not very soft.
What the Law of Attraction IS NOT:
> It’s NOT a religion or a religious belief, anymore than belief in quantum physics or gravity is a religious belief.
> It’s not an bottomless charge card to bring you unlimited toys, money, real estate, men, women or cars.
> It’s not a tool to make people do your bidding, fall in love with you, marry you or to control people.
> It’s not the solution to every problem you have.
What IS the Law of Attraction?
> It is a consistent law like gravity. You attract / get what you (continuously) think about, whether it’s wanted or unwanted.
> It’s about how your thoughts affect your life and the path you’re on.
> It’s using intent and will to help create a life of abundance and as you prosper you can help others.
> It’s using quantum physics at the sub-atomic level to attract good things, positive personal qualities, great relationships and more into your life.
> It’s something EVERYONE can have access to. But you need to know how it works (read the manual) to make it work for you (not against you).
   The Law of Attraction can be your friend or foe. It really doesn’t care. It works like a well oiled machine or the perfect computer program. Do you dream about your goals? You’re at the very beginning of using the Law of Attraction.
   Learn how easy it is to get the Law of Attraction on your side working for you and not against you. Here are some areas where you could make phenomenal changes :
> Bring that ideal job into your life starting today. In this economy, anything that helps is useful.
> Become clear about your direction and goals in life. Clarity is possible for you.
> Attract more customers to your business now. Become aligned with who your customers are then begin to attract those kinds of people to your business.
> Find that perfect mate you’ve been dreaming of. To attract your perfect mate, you need to know yourself and what you’re looking for.
> Put more money in your pocket and in the bank. Yes, Law of Attraction can help break the cycle of debt and spending, then get you on track to be debt free and then prosperous.
> And stop attracting the things you don’t want. That one’s easy. But the secret has yet to be told.
Countless people before you have learned how easy it is to use the Law of Attraction to experience the above plus more. Do you want the profound results you’re looking for in your life? You can have it starting today!

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