Life Advice – How to Improve Your Life and Tips for Making Life Changes
What is life? What makes life worth living?
The answers depend on each person’s outlook about life based on his or her beliefs and mental conditioning. Quite a number of people have done outstanding things with their lives and made a difference. They served mankind and changed the way humans think and do things. Many others have changed their individual living standards and prospered.
The majority of people alive are doing their best to feel comfortable. They do wish for better things but they don’t make much progress. This is probably because they are afraid to move out of their comfort zones. They go about their routines. They wake up in the morning, rush through the traffic to get to work, spend about eight hours at the workplace repeating the same tasks each day. At the end of their work day, they rush back home, watch a lot of television, eat and then sleep, with some socializing and dealing with daily life challenges in between. And they call that living.
There is nothing wrong with living like that. But is that what life is all about?
“People “died” all the time in their lives. Parts of them died what they made the wrong kinds of decisions – decisions against life. Sometimes they died bit by bit until finally they were just living corpses walking around. If you were perceptive you could see it in their eyes; the fire had gone out. But you always knew when you made a decision against life. When you denied life you were warned. The cock crowed, always, somewhere inside of you. The door clicked and you were safe inside – safe and dead.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Life Advice – Living a Better Life
Dream Big and Set Smart Goals
The first life advice is to make the best of life and living. You do so by having dreams, setting goals and achieving them. Having a vision of a better future gives you hope that life is worth living. It pushes you to use your full potential to challenge yourself and solve problems so that you can live the life of your dreams.
If you always have goals to work on, you will know how to value time. You won’t easily feel bored and waste your time and energy on things and people that will not benefit you.
Each new day is a new beginning and it gives you the chance to start fresh, to make your dreams come true and change your life. Don’t waste it because once it’s over, it’s finished and you will suffer the consequences of your neglect. Plan out your strategies and take action. Do something every day without fail and keep on going until you reach each of the goals in your list.
Develop a Positive Outlook
The next life advice is to have a positive outlook. It doesn’t mean that you are living in denial and think that things won’t go wrong. When you have a positive attitude, your mind will focus on the positive side of things a majority of the time. You will see opportunities when they show up. You will also develop resilience and are able to bounce back after a fall or a setback.
See, Do and Experience Everything You Possibly Can
What you can do to experience more meaning in life is to allow your fascination to continue as you grow. Become conscious of what’s happening within and around you. Give yourself the opportunity to get involved in activities that give you pleasure and joy. Find satisfaction from the things you do and stretch yourself to experience the best results.
Here is another life advice. Sharpen your interest and learn more about life and people. Develop a sense of adventure. Get to know people from different background and cultures. You will open your mind to new things that can help you understand and appreciate life and living.

Live a Healthy Lifestyle
The most vital aspect of living is being in good health. People who have almost everything but aren’t healthy feel that life is not worth living. Healthy living includes eating well, doing regular exercise, taking time for reflective thinking, getting a good night sleep, being in healthy relationships, enjoying and loving life, absence of greed, jealousy and resentments and not addicted to toxic substances.
Develop Emotional Intelligence
By increasing your level of emotional intelligence, you will improve people skills,communication skills and life skills. It helps you become a better person, parent, spouse and leader. Being able to control your emotions helps you manage stress and maintain physical, emotional and mental health.
Build Healthy Relationships
Having a healthy, happy and loving family is very uplifting. A happy family plays together, laugh often and spend a lot of quality time helping, building and inspiring each other. Make it a goal to build healthy relationships with your spouse, parents and kids and you will enjoy more life and living.
Keep old friends and make new ones as you move along in life. Create a bond and develop good relationships with your friends. True friends will be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. They will offer you support and encourage you to do well.
Perform Generous Acts
Practice the act of giving. The more you give, the more you will receive. Contribute your time and energy to bring joy to others. See the beauty and positive intent in others and things. Send out positive thoughts and energy. Listen to what others have to say. Speak kind words. Offer your smile. Give love and warmth. Speak the truth.
Practice the Attitude of Gratitude
Make it a habit to practice the attitude of gratitude. Each day look for a few things to feel thankful for and to express your gratitude. Stay positive so that you will notice the blessings the universe is offering you.

Focus on the Current Moment
It is vital to have goals, dreams and a vision of the future. But you must live in the present because today will become your future. Be happy with yourself at the present moment but continue to design a better future. Get yourself busy and get creative.
Live by Your Personal Values
At times you will feel like you have to battle against people and circumstances. Many times you may get frustrated with the constant struggles that you have to overcome. Face them, accept them or let them go. Live by your values, dictate your own existence, make your own decisions and choose to create your own happiness.
Allow people and things to be what they are meant to be. You don’t have to try and change the unchangeable. Learn to let go of anything or anyone who is pushing you down. Develop a good sense of humor and don’t bring your anger to another day.
Embrace Change
Life is forever changing and evolving. Don’t be afraid to embrace change even if you are not certain of the consequence. Remind yourself that when you believe in possibilities and expect the best outcome, you will attract them.
Self Reflection
Another life advice is to reflect. Each day no matter how busy you are, put aside time to meditate, relax your body and mind and practice self reflection. Use this special quiet time to examine your thoughts, feelings, actions and to plan your future. Make use of this time to to release negative emotions, stimulate creativity, do visualization exercise and forgive yourself and others.

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