Somewhere along the way, you stop and realize the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced. Every heartache you’ve felt. Every person that let you down. You’ve suffered so much to the point of giving up and surrendering any hope of ever trusting anyone. But you know what? You’re ok. You managed to get yourself out of bed every morning and go to work, to just live through the day. Be proud of yourself, for taking a beating and getting kicked while on the ground. Because the most important thing is, you’ve dusted yourself and you’re back on your feet. And when you think back to the most toughest event of your life, you could say to yourself I’ve managed to live through that.
Be good.



Blogger, Farmer, Motivational Speaker, Development Analyst, Mentor/Life Coach, Business Consultant, Coporate Trainer, Outsourcing, Writer, Career Profiling, Service brochure.
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