The Ekiti that i see!

The Ekiti State that I see is an Ekiti of 494, 000 buildings and out of this we still have a situation where only 64, 000 houses have water closets. And over 219, 000 houses still rely on the use of pit latrines and over 34, 000 still rely on nearby bushes to defecate. That is the Ekiti that I see. Again it is not about Dr. Kayode Fayemi but we must face the kind of situation that we know. The Ekiti that I see is that one that out of the 494,000 houses only 90,000 houses have pipe borne water; over 214,000 houses still rely on well and fetching water from nearby streams and rivers.

The Ekiti that I see is where only 23,000 houses use gas and electric cookers and 207,000 houses still rely on the use of firewood to cook their meals. The Ekiti that I see is one where only 18,000 houses can boast of electricity while over 289,000 houses lit their lanterns with kerosene. That is the Ekiti that I see. People should then understand if I am not on the street celebrating like some other people are doing.

But I feel that the least I can do is to continue to encourage those who are there to put in their best rather than us trying to mislead them. The Ekiti that I see is one that still grapples with the problem of over 25,000 people who are blind, over 7,000 people with hearing defect and over 9,000 people, according to the population census, with speaking defects. The Ekiti that I see is one with over 6,000 disabled people in the area of mobility and one with 1,700 mentally ill persons in the various rehabilitation homes and on streets in the state. That is the Ekiti that I see.

So, when people try to reduce these things by saying someone has spent 12 years in the government of Lagos State and he is spending four years in the House of Representatives and he does not want someone to spend eight years. I say, excuse me, what are we talking about.

God decides where He wants to see each of us. But I know that what is important is that regardless of where you are, there must be a meeting point and everybody must be ready to contribute his own quota.

Hon. Michael Opeyemi Bamidele

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