She’s in excruciating Pain… #StellaMustWalkAgain. PLEASE COME TO OUR AID.

TRAGEDY OF SERVICE; 18 involved, 2 gone, 1 still down!


14th of March 2015 remains a date that cannot be forgotten or sidelined in the history of Rotaract Club of Osogbo (D9125) and Rotaract club of Egbeda (D9110) during an International Exchange programme between the duos slated for March 13 – 15, 2015.
Friday,13th of March, we received our partners (RAC Egbeda) from Lagos State and started with a courtesy visit to the king of Erin-Osun and executed projects like,Donation of Mosquito nets to prevent malaria, Donation of Exercise books to secondary school students of the community,Donation of Pampers to the nursing mothers, Free Malaria test. The whole community was agog as so many people were beneficiaries of this  great and life touching projects. The king was so excited to host us in his community and appreciated our humanitarian effort with prayers.

On Saturday, 14th of March,the fateful day started with a friendly match which took place between both clubs. Members returned to their rooms after the match and freshened up, had breakfast and assembled inside a 18-passenger bus. The bus couldn’t contain everybody and a 10-passenger cab was hired as no one wanted to miss the great view at the museum in Esie,Kwara state where human beings turned to statue.
The journey began and it was fun all through in the buses till we arrived at the museum where we had nice time learning lessons from the incredible things we saw. After the sight-seeing, we decided to have our lunch and relax by swimming as the weather was getting hotter. After much fun, we assembled again into both buses to start our journey back home. We took of at exactly 5:25pm.

#Sigh#..The journey was smooth just like it was when coming until we reached Ajase-Ipo within the hours of 6pm when the story changed. We heard a loud noise of screeching tires,there was dust and right in front of our eyes, the bus swerved to the left,then went back to the right and eventually crashed into a thick bush turning upside down.
Immediately the smile on everybody’s face turned sour, and laughter turned to tears. As shocked and devastated as we are, some had to make the move of carrying and pulling the victims out one after the other and rushed them to a nearby hospital in Ajase-Ipo. Rtr. Olorunfemi Stella was rejected at the hospital and advised to be taken to another hospital for better treatment. While others were admitted for first aid treatment, Stella still had to suffer more pain in her critical state as she had to be driven to Offa General Hospital where she received her first treatment and again transferred to University Teaching Hospital in Ilorin that same night and still there till today.


Victims with critical cases were later detected and transferred to Ilorin for better treatment as well. Treatment was on-going and some were eventually discharged but so pathetic, our dear Rtr.Akinbola Peter from RAC Egbeda couldn’t make it, he died five days after leaving Rtr. Stella and Ariyo Folasade in a critical state. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. (Amen).

After four months of pains,agony and suffering and with all hope and assurance so high that all is well with our other hospitalized friends, just few days ago, August 24 to be precise, we lost our dear Folasade again. Oh death! Where is thy sting, oh grave! Where is thy victory. So painful indeed, we took faith in the fact that God alone giveth and taketh away, we pray God grant them eternal rest cum grant us the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable losses. Sleep on dear brother and sister, we love you but God loves you most.
Rtr. Olorunfemi Stella remains the only victim lying on the hospital bed for over five months now, undergoing several surgeries and treatments on daily basis, one can imagine the kind of pain she’s going through.



Lots of money have been spent and more is still needed for her to recover and stand on her feet, we can’t wait to see her walk on her feet and make us happy as there has never been
We are full of assurance that the good Lord will answer our prayers over you and soonest we shall see you again on your feet in peace.


SOS: We humbly use this medium to solicit for your kind benevolence in other to make #StellaMustWalkAgain a reality via support in kind, cash and prayer is still needed to sustain her. Please help with all your might to sustain a humanitarian service oriented lady who has impacted lives with all her might.
For Stella to walk again, she urgently needs to be flown abroad, India precisely for medical Surgery/Treatment at a cost of about three million, five hundred thousand naira (#3,500,000:00).

Account details;
Account Name: Olorunfemi Stella Account Number: 3337849695 Bank: Diamond bank

Thanks and God bless.

Signed: Team #StellaMustWalkAgain
08069775991, 08062924587, 08060009742, 08102105145, 08069408795




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12 Responses to She’s in excruciating Pain… #StellaMustWalkAgain. PLEASE COME TO OUR AID.

  1. Walprince says:

    D lord dat restore d captives of zion shall restore every bit lost in her nd d lord of possibilities shall make everytin possible in her lyf. Amen……..He is able!!!

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  2. Rotr. Adeola says:

    I pray that Almighty God will grant her fast recovering & best healing in Jesus Name & she will able to walk again in life by God grace…. Amen.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Taofeek oladapo bello says:

    Ma the good God never leave u in pain N give u special treatment of his own so u shall stand back on ur two feet N work again the lord is ur strength N he shall hill u


  4. Hmmmmm I pray,nd wil continue to pray to d almighty God for his mercies and touch over her life. May d hands of the almighty touch her nd let her walk on her feet again insha Allah amin.our prayers will b answered on u *sigh* Stellamustwalkagain* Amen


  5. Dr. Jesus will definitely touch u wit his divine and mighty hand IJN u shall stand wit ur two legs bfore d end of dis yr…. We love u all

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  6. Rotr. Abdullahi Ola says:

    Insha Allah Stella will stand and walk again… I pray for her fast recovery.

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  7. Rtr Oluwamotito Eniola says:

    This is so pathetic….I pray that the good Lord will grant u perfect healing! It is well with you.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Rtr Anointed says:

    Dear sis!!! Ure gonna walk again, serve humanity more! And be a woman many generations will reckon unto for Good!!! #SMWA……


  9. Rotr. Alabi Fatima Tima says:

    So so pathetic………….God in his mercy will restore you back to your normal feet. StellaHasArose, StellaMustWalkAgain.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Rtr Adenike says:

    The good of Zion will bring you back to your feet and we will all testify to his glory in your life cos God is able to fulfill all our hearth desires nd prayer request, u will rise and walk again in his name.

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  11. Rtr Adenike says:

    The good Lord of Zion will bring you back to your feet and we will all testify to his glory in your life cos God is able to fulfill all our hearth desires nd prayer request, u will rise and walk again in his name.

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  12. Rotr OSORE Akinwole says:

    Stella Will walk again by the grace of God, The healing balm of Gilead will locate you and your pains will turn to laughter, This is really a trying time for us and if we will all be honest with ourselves we really need to wisher her well, Pray for her and also give our FINANCIAL SUBSTANCE if possible go all out to Raise funds for this cause to be achieved please no amount is too small……. God will continue to Provide for us all and also keep us from all evil……… PLEASE DONATE

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