Over 11 months, is #StellaMustWalkAgain campaign defeated?


I bring to you Special greetings in the name of the Almighty God.
It is about 300 days today that Rtr. Olorunfemi Stella was involved in a ghastly motor accident, which sadly claimed two lives. It is an unfortunate incidence in the Rotaract family that has left a sorrowful scar; more so, Rtr. Stella since then been unable to walk unaided with my legs.


After a whole lot of monies has been spent in a teaching hospital here in Nigeria, which obviously yielded no positive result. Based on professional medical advice, her medical report sent to various hospitals abroad. A German hospital has indicated their expertise in making #StellaMustWalkAgain a huge possibility. This news which was like a ray of light over the darkness her healtcondition has caused her family. This aided her parents and few friends to swiftly swing into action, for the love of their beautiful daughter and friend, and the desire to see #StellaMustWalkAgain agilely. While they have successfully made frantic effort in securing all other necessities that is required to make the trip to Germany a success, finance still stood as a hindrance!



While some have merely verbalized and made campaign of calumny the #StellaMustWalkAgain agitation, their reasons best known to them though! If we claim to serve humanity and one of ours is in dire critical, painful, excruciating and pitiful condition, yet we can’t ameliorate her condition, how have we been a good neighbor? We give to others, we make others happy, and we wear smiles on the faces of the less privileged, most of whom we never knew from Adam. Yet, one of ours, we have failed to make happy, smile and ameliorate her condition.

It is worthy of mention, sincere appreciation to all who have in one way or the other contributed finance and otherwise to the #StellaMustWalkAgaincampaign. Methinks, now is appropriate to prove to ourselves that we are most surely capable of lifting one of our own whenever the need(s) arise. We must harness this situation to re-emphasize that ONE OF US IS ALL OF US. We must make an example of the incidence to ourselves that no matter what, we are are indeed on the lookout for one another. God forbids, who knows who is next?


For a start, the sum of 6,000 Euro, which is about #1,8,000,00 in Naira is urgently to aid #StellaMustWalkAgain, medically. Hence, I humbly use this medium to please solicit for your kind financial assistance so that she can be operated upon and then walk again. It was Charles Dickens who said: No one is useless in this world that lightens the burden of others.

Donations can be made in favour of:

Name: Olorunfemi Stella
Account number: 3337849695
Bank Name: Diamond Bank.

Account Name: Olorunfemi Helen
Account number 0009728292
Bank Name: Diamond bank

LET US ALL RISE TO THIS OCCATION IN UNISON TO Make #StellaMustWalkAgain a victorious feat.

May God Almighty make evil far away from you and your loved ones, Amen.

Be good.

0813 921 9299



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One Response to Over 11 months, is #StellaMustWalkAgain campaign defeated?

  1. Lolade Temitope-Ogungbe says:

    We thank God we members of the Rotary family and friends in Nigeria were able to raise even more money than Stella required in this campaign. We wish her a successful surgery and pray our Stella will walk again.

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