Reaveled: How Wike bought Supreme Court Judgement.

The governorship candidate of
the All Progressives Congress in
Rivers State in the April 2015
election, Dakuku Peterside, has
alleged that the Supreme Court
judgement that affirmed the
election of the state governor,
Nyesom Wike, was contrived to
legalise electoral violence and
He spoke at a press conference in
Port Harcourt, the state capital on

Mr. Wike of the Peoples
Democratic Party was declared
winner of the April 11, 2015
governorship election by the
Supreme Court on January 27.
He had earlier lost to Mr. DaKuku
at the Rivers State Governorship
Election Tribunal and the Court of
Appeal. The APC candidate had
initially accepted the judgement of
the Supreme Court.

The APC governorship candidate
said Mr. Wike’s speech at a
Church thanksgiving service last
Sunday to mark his victory in the
court as well as in other fora
suggested that he (governor), his
party and supporters “might have
been in the know of what the
judgment would be long before
the Supreme Court pronounced
He said despite his acceptance
and temperate public comments
on the verdict of the court, the
governor seemed to have given
credence to the pervading doubt
being expressed on the judgement
in public space, especially in the
media about the judgement.
“Many a Nigerian continues to
wonder why PDP and Governor
Wike’s supporters went on wild
celebration across Rivers State as
early as 9 am on the Day of
judgement even if the actual
verdict was handed down at
about 6:20 pm of that day,”

Mr. Dakuku said.
“It clearly suggests that they might have been in the know of what the judgment would be long before the Supreme Court pronounced it.
“This is coupled with several comments
especially on the social media some three weeks earlier such as ‘Thank God there will now be no need for a rerun election….. It is surely ending at the Supreme Court,” etc. etc.”
The APC candidate said information at his disposal confirmed that the governor told some persons he did not name that he (governor) met with one of the justices of the Supreme Court in Mbaise, a town in Imo State, another one in a hotel in Owerri, the state
capital and others outside the country.

According to him, the two justices were
incidentally members of the panel that
decided the case last month.
He said, “Credible information confirmed that Nyesom Wike had earlier confessed to some persons of having met one of the Justices of
the Supreme Court in Mbaise during an
important burial, another at Owerri in a hotel and yet others in Dubai and Saudi Arabia
respectively. These Justices were in the panel that decided the matter in Wike’s favour.
“However, the most striking revelation by
Nyesom Wike is contained in his account at the thanksgiving service last Sunday. He obviously stunned his audience and the watching world when he confessed that when it came to the Judges, Dr. Peter Odili and the
wife Justice Mary Odili [a Justice of the
Supreme Court] were his advisers.
“This simply confirmed his earlier statements that he had contact with the Justices after several attempts to reach the Chief Justice of the country failed.
“It is therefore obvious that the decision of the Supreme Court on the Rivers State Election was not a product of justice but rather a product of compromise and orchestrated
contrivance to legalise electoral violence and rigging and, in turn, reward injustice. This calls for serious introspection by our Judiciary and judicial officers.”

Mr. Dakuku said the governor probably forgo that he was on live telecast when he said he had midnight discussions with a former governor of the state, Peter Odili, who incidentally is the husband of Mary Odili, a Supreme Court justice. “This shocking confession needs no further explanation except for you and other decent Nigerians to further make your fair conclusions,” he said.

The APC candidate said while addressing civil servants in Port Harcourt, Mr. Wike exhibited
unconscionable indiscretion of the highest order by re-echoing his earlier incendiary statements threatening personnel of the Independent National Electoral Commission with death over the forthcoming national and
state assemblies rerun elections.
Stating that the statement threatening Inec officials was the most callous a governor would make, Mr. Dakuku said “It is a known fact that Wike promotes violence and believes so much in jungle justice but he forgets that such outlook does not have any place in a civilized society.”
He said Mr. Wike’s outburst at the
thanksgiving service that blood would have flowed if the governorship election was going to hold again confirmed beyond doubt that the governor was not only behind the orgy of violence during the last elections, but also funded and sponsored it. Mr. Peterside warned the governor to stop verbal attack on President Muhammad Buhari and the Nigerian military.

Decrying a statement credited to Mr. Wike challenging the president to “bring your Boko Haram soldiers to Rivers State” during the rerun, the APC candidate said that kind of
statement “typifies the persona of Gov.
Nyesom Wike as someone lacking in respect, patriotism and character of being a councillor much more a state governor in the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.”
He stated further, “Let me draw the attention of Nyesom Wike to the fact that it is most callous of him to demonstrate such level of
denigration on the gallant officers and men of the Nigerian military who are putting their lives at risk every other day to safeguard the Nigeria state and citizens when he referred to
them as Boko Haram soldiers.

“I vehemently condemn such display of verbal indiscretion against Mr. President and the Nigerian military.”

Efforts to speak with Simeon Nwakaudu,
media aide to Mr. Wike failed as he did not pick calls to his mobile telephone.



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