War Against Indiscipline by Adeoye Ajibola Adetoyese


It is true that a few lofty proposals have been aired in the last 91 years by various students activists and by the most federalist minded students unionists on how to promote African nationalism, discourage  the incessant occurrence of chaotic and some time criminal behaviour among the youths and students of Africa.

It is also sad, to note that student’s indiscipline has had a lot of negative effects on the school system and learning system, many academic calendar are being disrupted as a result of this indiscipline, many students now form themselves into gangs, they threaten the life of fellow students, teachers and the society as a whole.

It is a collective effort for the nations of Africa to pay attention to the frequent indiscipline among our youths, if we are to achieve vision 2020.

I want to humbly reiterate that domestic social reforms could cure incessant occurrence of chaotic activities in Africa and the world at large.

I cordially invite the cooperation of all men and women, students and youths, parents and guardians, governments and elders of Africa and the World at large who remain loyal to the declaration of clarion call of our dear Africa continent to see need for eradication of all forms of indiscipline raging from the violation of governmental regulations to truancy, stealing, assault, genocide, terrorism, robbery and other socially undesirable behaviours that undermine the continent of Africa.

We all need to embrace the principles behind crusade against indiscipline in building a peaceful society through fostering a peaceful state of mind.
The fate of any nation or continent  depends on the youths she breeds, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

* We are Africans
* We are committed to world
* We value people
* We are extraordinary
* We are peace builders
* We are partners
* We are the hope of the world.

Adeoye Ajibola Adetoyese writes from Oyo, Oyo State and can be reached via +2348114735242 and adebarca2@gmail.com.



Blogger, Farmer, Motivational Speaker, Development Analyst, Mentor/Life Coach, Business Consultant, Coporate Trainer, Outsourcing, Writer, Career Profiling, Service brochure.
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