Opinion: Nigeria Youths discusses Infidelity amongst them. 

A graphic illustrating relationships amongst Youths in recent times.

Due to the alarming rate at which Unfaithfulness in relationship amongst youth is taking a firm root and becoming a norm. This has become growing concern for physiologist, religious groups, and even the youth themselves. In an effort to understand why most youths are not faithfully committed to one partner, #DareHeights decided to conduct a wide spread opinion poll with the poser: Why is it difficult this days for youths to stay loyally faithful to a partner when in a relationship?
You may be appalled, happy, amazed or indifferent by various responses gotten from a collection of highly placed youths, youth leaders and very intelligent Youths nationwide. Are these collected opinion an ascertion or mere excuses? I leave you and relationships expert with the onus of responsibility to decipher and chart a noble cause for the Youths to stay loyally faithful to one partner when dating. However, I’m of the conviction that, no matter what, infidelity  can  not be justified. 

Below are excerpts from opinion gathered:




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6 Responses to Opinion: Nigeria Youths discusses Infidelity amongst them. 

  1. My Opinion about Infidelity (Unfaithfulness) in relationships among Youths today is what i call lack of Modesty and Contentment in our self sentered interest, ungratfulness and unsatisfy Sexual Desire and high level of quest for material things which has influence on our future. this can seen in the both genders.
    Rc. Makurdi central CB (Benue state)

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  2. Oluwakemisola Lawal says:

    Infidelity in relationships among youths today is what i referred to as lack of trust, contentment and commitment.. . Therefore he/she who can’t be committed to their partners will surely be a cheat.. .
    Oluwakemisola Lawal
    Ilorin, Kwara state

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  3. Asingbe Paul says:

    Brilliant compose there. I think truthfully that we must try to get this right and stay faithfully committed to one partner.

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  4. Ibrahim Mardiyat Oniya says:

    It cant be easy for youths to stay faithful when the ENVIRONMENT we have found ourselves has made it okay for a man to be unfaithful but forbidden to a woman.
    Youths can no longer be contented with what they get from their partners, we always want more.
    Youths these days compare their relationships with friends, colleagues neighbours and so on, they have refused to know that only what happens outside can be seen, how about what happens inside their relationships.
    Indecision, some partners knows what they want but cant decide, some want to get married but their partners are not ready, so they decide to go into another relationship so as not to put all their eggs in one basket as they usually say.

    We all should try to understand our partners, relationships, be contented with what we get morally, sexually, physically and so on from our partners and we will discover that their will be tragic reduction of unfaithfulness in relationships.

    Ibrahim Mardiyat Oniya
    Abeokuta/Ogun State
    ASP Obantoko

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  5. Israel Attah says:

    quite interesting and insightful. Learning is a continum.


    • Laticia says:

      dip&abst;:T’ns préparé ta tenue spéciale USA girl (la même que sur la photo) ?Une fois que tu ressembleras à une vraie geekette ne penses même plus nous faire porter des pyjama hein, plus aucune crédibilité tu auras !

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