The Buhari that I know is an economic illiterate- Dr. Junaid Mohammed. 

Dr. Junaid Mohammed

​Dr. Junaid Mohammed who has been berating the APC government lately, tagging it a clueless, confused and biased government, also referred to President Buhari as a tyrant and nepot.

In his recent outburst against the Buhari led administration, he also stated during an interview, that the Buhari he knows, is an economic illiterate which is responsible for the decadence being witnessed in his administration.

Junaid made this statement while responding to questions on the economy, and the President’s merging of portfolios in a bid to cut the cost of running government.

Below was his full response:

As earlier stated, Buhari has proven his arrogance by appointing his relations to occupy key offices in his administration. However, in his appointments, there are two mysterious cases.

The case of the Governor of the Central Bank, Godwin Emeifele and the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu.

It was Buhari himself who said that he knew when the governor of the CBN picked a piece of paper and gave an instruction that N14bn should be withdrawn from the CBN and that money was withdrawn. That was nearly a year ago and up till today, Buhari is still retaining Emefiele as CBN governor.

The Buhari I know is an economic illiterate and anybody who knows anything about currency movement and foreign exchange and fluctuations knows that the Naira has been effectively devalued.

It was the same Buhari who boasted that the Naira would never be devalued under him for as long as he remains President and even threatened the governor of the CBN that he was going to sack him if he devalued the Naira. He (CBN governor) is still there.

In the case of Kachikwu, he is the mystery man in the cabinet. No one can actually tell you who nominated and brought in Kachikwu. We knew that he was friends with Abba Kyari when they both worked in Mobil but none of them had the influence to bring him in and make him Minister of Petroleum Resources. Forget the nonsense about him being the junior minister because he is the senior and junior minister in addition to being the Managing Director of the NNPC (until recently when he was replaced.

This again confirms the arrogance of President Buhari in putting two positions together; one purely civil service and technocratic position which is the Group Managing Director of the NNPC and the other one which is purely political- a minister.

Since this man became minister, there has been nothing good coming out of the oil industry rather than confusion, crisis and corruption. That again is an indication of the decadence we have in this government.



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