OPINION: Who will save Imo state from the ongoing destruction by Rochas Okorocha? By Cyprian Akaolisa 

Gov. Rochas Okorocha

​The problem with Imo state is that we have no discerning mind against evil. At times we celebrate evil, encourage evil and are afraid to fight evil. This is why 419, ritual murder and students prostitution found root in our land until the unfortunate beheading of the child Ekeanyanwu led to the otokoto riot. In 1998, we stopped rochas from being governor of imo state for udenwa to emerge. 

When the then state working committee of pdp  concluded plans to adopt him as governorship candidate of pdp in imo we ochestrated a high level political opposition against him that saw udenwa emerge in the primaries. We knew that Rochas lacked the education, knowledge and experience to be governor. We also knew he specialised in fraudulent antics that made him rich thus handing imo over to him will be a disaster. 

Unfortunately, for political interest and vengeful sentiments against the Ikedi ohakim government, our people including udenwa shouted hosana for rochas 13yrs after and like the biblical rejection of jesus by the jews who embraced the robber Banabas our people accepted the incompetent, uneducated and fraudulent schemer Rochas to be governor over the articulate, trained, knowledgeable and prudent ohakim. Today their loving and caring Owelle Rochas has destroyed all, I mean all segments of Imo life, shown so much wickedness and inflicted so much pain on our ordinary poor Imolites and still some educated Imolites, some professors are still celebrating a man without any brain for administration. 

Where are all the Imo millioners, the high flying Imolites, the Leo Stans, the Festus Odimegwus, the Anumudus, the Orange Drug Tony Ezenna, the Diamond Bank Pascal Dozie and a host of other Imo stakeholders. Have they ceded Imo state to rochas to do as he pleases. Will they continue in this their silence while our Imo is destroyed by an inept and shameless rochas administration. Our roads, our public water, our local government, our town unions, our civil service, our general hospitals, our Imo state university, our mechanic villages, our adapalm, our avutu poultry farm, our Imo transport corporation, our state judiciary and our darling heartland football club have all been destroyed. 

What other aspect of Imo social, economic and political life has this okorocha not destroyed. Where are the Imo citizens of goodwill and courage. Where are the numerous governorship aspirants that loved Imo state to want to rule us. Will they come only in 2019 to rule a destroyed Imo state. The time to show their love for Imo and its people is now or never. We are watching and taking record. No uneducated or half educated moneybag will rule Imo state again. 

No person with any affinity with the present Rochas government will step into the douglas house come 2019. The battle to save imo state is about to start in january 2017 and there will be no hiding place for rochas and his agents of destruction. He has shown ill will to Imo people and his exiting process has already been  orchestrated in assured resilience.

 We shall overcome Rochas by the grace and power of our God Almighty in whose hands Imo will surely return. 

COC AKAOLISA legal practitioner,Politician & Activist. 



Blogger, Farmer, Motivational Speaker, Development Analyst, Mentor/Life Coach, Business Consultant, Coporate Trainer, Outsourcing, Writer, Career Profiling, Service brochure.
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