We call on the good people of Ondo State to shun all acts of electoral violence in the forthcoming election on Saturday, the 26th of November, 2016. This will enable them to choose a new leader that will oversee the affairs of the state on trust.
Through the history of Ondo State, the sunshine state and a great Nigerian state, the people have always elected  vision driven and purposeful leaders. We encourage them to come out en mass and cast their votes for the candidate of their choice and doing so, they must eschew every form of electoral violence. 
We also encourage the good people of Ondo State to also protect their votes ensuring that it counts.
The good people of Ondo State should take note that Democracy is for the benefit of those who pay their dues by acting right and by staying alive. The youths and partisan politicians should not allow themselves to be used as political thugs or rigging tools.
It is our collective duty to ensure that Democracy continues to thrive in Ondo State and Nigeria at large.
We call on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the Nigerian Police Force, the Army, the Local and International election observers and other security apparatus deployed to Ondo State, for the peaceful conduct of the election, to guide and ensure a free and fair election.
All the officials deployed to oversee the smooth conduct of the election should conduct themselves in a more professional manner which should exclude partiality, aiding and abetting rigging, partisanship or taking sides to the advantage of any candidate or political party. It should be noted right now, that the eye of the world is watching to see how the Ondo State Guber election will be conducted.
It is our belief that if INEC and those saddled with the duty to conduct the election play their professional roles fairly, without fear or favour, the senseless incidents of electoral violence, protests or unnecessary post election petitions to the election tribunals will be averted.
We urge the people of Ondo State to remain calm throughout the period of the election and after the election, and hope that majority of them will vote to choose the candidate who will carry out the affairs of the state in such a way that the state Government will  work for the good and well-being of the people of the state, all and sundry, to wit: that the man on the street and women and children will benefit and enjoy the dividends of democracy. 
Usman Abubakar
Ag. NPS, Wailing Wailers

Headquarters, FCT Abuja



Blogger, Farmer, Motivational Speaker, Development Analyst, Mentor/Life Coach, Business Consultant, Coporate Trainer, Outsourcing, Writer, Career Profiling, Service brochure.
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