Sen. Dino Melaye

Exit Stephanie Otobo Vs. Apostle Johnson Suleiman; Exit Ibrahim Magu; Exit Hameed Ali; Enter Dino Melaye Vs. Sahara Reporters/Omoyele Sowore. 
I sincerely empathise with the helpless Nigerian electorate, as these are the inanities they are regaled with from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year.

Before one could say Jack Robbinson, it is another election year, and the helpless electorate will queue under the sun to vote for clowns and kleptomaniacs, not after being induced with a cup of parboiled rice, garri, loaf of bread, bean cake (akara), customised ball pen, cap, t-shirt, drink corks, or a paltry cash ranging between N500 to N5000.

Nigerian Electorate are helpless because they have not the capacity to sack any elected legislator, President, Governor or Council Chairman until another election year. This is like entering a One Chance bus, if the elected official turns out to be a Disaster.

I also say no thanks to the Mass Media who in most cases set agenda with inanities by given them prominence.
But some practitioners would argue, the society gives birth to the media. It is what the society is discussing that the Media gives prominence for its own survival.

Quite unfortunately, This is a country where we jettison real issues to discuss inanities. 

Agree that Dino has no Degree, his constituents can recall him. Why the hoopla by persons who aren’t even members of his Senatorial District. 
If these clowns who in 2015 set a precedence by saying aspirants can contest with even a NEPA Bill like let them Masturbate from today till next year over Dino, the dude is going no where.

He will continue to represent members of his Senatorial District from now till May 2019. If his people like him, they can reelect him again. It is up to them. 
So, ranting on Social Media with Verbose and Superfluous Grammar to show relevancy can never oust Dino.

Imagine clowns who went into Hibernation since August 2015, now feasting on Dino as if he snatched their wives and girlfriends.

Dino don’t represent the whole of Nigeria, he represents people of Kogi West Senatorial District. So, what’s your headache about how he got his degree and O’levels when you are not a member of his Senatorial District? This would have been the job of his co-aspirants prior or after the election.

When Dino was hurling abuses on ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, parading GMB’s name as the sought after Messiah, why wasn’t he exposed by Sowore et al?

Politics here in Nigeria is Rogue Politics. In the game, No Permanent Friend nor Enemy,  just Permanent Interest.
Nonetheless, Dino’s case has a Maximum 28 days to be discussed, then we are regaled with another Inanity.
What has been the achievements of the present administration, Sector by Sector, the media and Nigerians have failed to discusss it, two years after.

Let us Continue the rat race, 2019 is around the corner!
Ikenna Asomba, is a Journalist and Social Commentator



Blogger, Farmer, Motivational Speaker, Development Analyst, Mentor/Life Coach, Business Consultant, Coporate Trainer, Outsourcing, Writer, Career Profiling, Service brochure.
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