​PRESS RELEASE: Address Delivered By  Comrade  Izang  Ajik Dogo, The President,  Students’ Union Government, Plateau  State  University  Bokkos. 

Comrade  Izang  Ajik Dogo, The President,  Students’ Union Government, Plateau  State  University  Bokkos. 


Permit me to start with a sincere and profound gratitude to the Almighty God by whose mercies and might we are all gathered here today, and also to extend the same gratitude to the vice chancellor, the deputy vice chancellor, the registrar, the dean of students affairs, the entire management of this university, my fellow executive members and the entire united students of Plateau State University Bokkos.                             

Today According to stipulated constitution, I have been sworn in as the president of our dear union, but I see this more as the swearing in of four comrades, coming together to contribute for the betterment of our union, I want to acknowledge the effort put in by all comrades that aspired for this position and re assure you that your meaningful submissions are always welcome. I want to also thank the management for finding time to be in our midst, this is to show the love you have for every plasite and for our union to grow. It is on that note that we see the  importance to raise some foundamental observations that relates directly or indirectly to the wellbeing and welfare of the  students. 

Signing of G.S.T in no distant time,  the we the new excos will fall back to the school management, to lias and lobby for the signing of G.S.T courses to be relegated to various departments so as to alliviate the hardship faced by students joining unending cues and missing lectures to effect their signing, we solicit for fair hearing.          

The e-library: the hardship faced by students in getting all online processes and assignments done, has really drawn our attention and we will not relent to enter into negotiation with the management until this right of the students is fully  restored back to us, we will also seek for the support of the management to nib in the bud the issue of smelling and unkept rest rooms around the school environment, maintainance of our facilities, in the hostel and school environment,

Extension in the opening and closing hours of our library, fair hearing in settling disputes, assistance and collaboration in any possible form to see that the issue of light and water becomes a thing of the past both within the hostels and off campus. Assistance in the hostel tree planting which we will soon embark upon.

General assistance in the welfare of the students.

 Our prayers is to run a very peaceful government, that will unite the union and the management,

 Thus conscious of our rights as students, we will approach every challenge with dialog.

 And make our demands humbly, Students must be treated right and their perspectives must be adequately listen to by management in formulation and implementation of any policy since they are at the receiving ends of any policies made.

However, doing this shouldn’t be perceive as a matter of generosity of the School Authority but an absolute necessity for the attainment of tranquility and in achieving the vision and mission of the founding father of this institutions which we still hold as sacred till today.

 As we dissipate our energy more in Consultation and Consolidation, let it be known that our choice of civility is not a sign of weakness, as sincerity is always subject to proof. We will never, never and never negotiate or dialogue out of fear and intimidation and when we negotiate or dialogue, we hope all parties will respect the rules of dialogue/negotiation.

Fellow plasites in your hands, more than mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course. I as an individual have decided that in ensuring our betterment as the president, safeguarding the Unions constitution and keeping to my presidential Oath, will put in all my best if doing this means I should crawl, I will crawl, if I must run, I will run, If I must fly, I will fly as no sacrifice is too big in ensuring that our union moves forward.

 And to my fellow plasites let us endeavour to comply with the School Regulations and behave ourselves as  intellectuals, to maintain the much needed peace and unity to progress, while we stay focused in achieving our aims and objectives as a Union. Shun Cultism, examination malpractices, substance abuse, sexual harassment and indecent dressing, shun threatening of lecturers and bully of fellow students.

Finally, I solicit for the full support of the School Authority starting from the office of Dean of Students Affair to the vice chancellor, the School Senate and Governing Council, my fellow union in the struggle(NAPPS) and also full corporation of my fellow PLASITES in ensuring that this administration indeed lay the foundation for a UNITED responsible, responsive and intellectually-oriented students’ union that won’t be a bane of development rather a partner for development and academy progress 

I appreciate the Dean of Students Affair for painstakingly making today a reality, the vice chancellor and every member of this academy community. I Appreciate the presence of all comrades and fellow plasites seated here.

One of the Student leaders, Com. Mattew Naankin, the Cordinator (002) NANS Zone 2 is ably represented here today and I give kudos to his comradic support at all times. 

God in your hands, I commit my destiny!

Thank you and God bless!!!

Long live Plateau state

Long live Plasu

Long live SUG!!!

Aluta Continua! Victoria ascerta




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