National Association Of Peace Studies Students NAPSS.

The National Association of Peace Studies Students (NAPSS) is the umbrella body for all Nigeria Peace loving Students which started since 2010 at LAWNA Theological Seminary, Jos, An Affiliate of University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.

With the sole prerogative objective of deliberating challenges to peace, promote awareness of human injustice, environmental degradation, while also encouraging non-violent conflict resolution, encompassed in the academic field of peace studies. Also, the development of avenues to prevent and resolve war, genocide, terrorism, gross violation of human rights and to build a peaceful and just system cum societies through fostering a peaceful state of mind.


Additionally, it seeks to pass on a message of understanding and appreciation for mankind in its peaceful state through all of her endeavours. We have a mandate  to organize or plan training programmes to build members’ capacity and contribute much more to our aim for True Democracy, National Peace, and Cohesion and participate in our national and international activities.

NAPSS, like her other counterparts such as the All–African Students’ Union (AASU), West African Students’ Union (WASU), National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has membership cutting across the 36 states of Nigeria including FCT Abuja, and other countries of Africa such as Ghana, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, and Egypt.

It has a record of mediating and promulgation activities that aids peaceful coexistence, harmony and understanding of various cultural differences, varying religious platform among many others. More so, NAPSS In our quest for the promulgation of peace, has often sought to find Role Models, Outstanding Institutions, pragmatic public servants, men and women who have at one time or the other contributed positively towards the attainment of a peaceful society, icons worthy of emulation, religious leaders, community leaders, captains of industries, employers of Labour, and Mentors in Life.

Peace makers… Peace Builders!