Profiling Abiodun Ajayi #IAmMandate For NYCN Secretary General. 


Rotr Abiodun Abidemi Isaac Ajayi, is a dynamic, visionary, pro-active, focused, goal driven and motivational young Nigeria. He is an award winning youth both within and outside Rotaract fold. Mandate has he is fondly called, his an embodiment of humility who was born into the family of Mr Muibi Ajayi and Mrs Comfort Ajayi. He hailed from Oyo state Ibadan to be precise. He was born on the 20th December.
He was raised to become change agent in all ramifications of life that was why he was nicknamed Mandate. As one who has passion for public speaking and journalism, the toast master enrolled to further  study  Mass Communication at the prestigious National Open University. He is an alumnus of Daystar leadership Academy and presently running a professional course at Nigeria Institute of Public Relations.

Mandate is a member of many national and international organizations where he had serve meritoriously with evidence quality leadership. He is a member and stakeholder in various Youth organizations a cross the world.  Also a member of Rotaract Club which is the youth wing of Rotary. He joined Rotaract Club of Isolo D9110 where he served as the revived President in the year 2010/2011 when the RI President Rotn Ray Klingsmith asked us to Build communities and bridge continents. After that year he has served in the club, zone, District and Multi District meritoriously.


 Chairman, History and Archive 2016-2017. 

Chairman, Strategic Planning 2016-2017. 

Chairman, Council of Past Presidents 2016-2017. 

Chairman, Membership Dev. Taskforce 2013-2014, 14-15, 15-16. 

Chairman, Bye-Law Review Committee 2012-2013. 

Chairman, Membership Dev. Taskforce 2012-2013. 

Chairman, Electoral Committee 2011-2012. 

Immediate Past President 2011-2012. 

Club President 2010-2011. 

District Secretary 2014-2015. 

Chairman, Bye-Law Review 2014-2015. 

Secretary, PolioPlus Committee 2014-2015. 

Secretary, Membership Dev. Taskforce 2014-2015. 

Secretary, Vocational Service Committee 2014-2015. 

Member, District Directory 2014-2015. 

Chairman, Annual District Conference 2013-2014. 

Assistant District Secretary 2013-2014. 

Secretary, DRRN Screening Committee 2013-2014. 

Secretary, Membership Dev. Taskforce 2013-2014. 

Secretary, DRRN Screening Committee 2012-2013. 

Zonal Representative Zone K 2012-2013. 

Council Secretary (Lagos) 2012-2013. 

District Interact Liaison Officer 2011-2012. 

Secretary, Rotaract District Zone K 2010-2011. 

Secretary, Vocational Service Committee 2010-2011. 

Chairman, NIGEROTA 2015-2016. 

Vice Chairman, NIGEROTA 2014-2015

Volunteer, NIGEROTA 2012-2013


32nd Annual District Conference (Akile-Ijebu) 2015-2016

31st Annual District Conference (Solution) 9110 2014-2015

30th Annual District Conference (Rota-Fied) 2013-2014

23nd All Nigeria Multi District Conference (Badagry) 2012-2013

29th Annual District Conference (Fulfilment) 2012-2013

2md International Collegiate Conference  (Solution) 2014-2015

1st International Collegiate Conference (Agege) 2012-2013

27th Annual District Conference (Ki ti gbe) 2010-2011

Past South West Regional President of Youth Action Movement 2008-2014

Team Leader, Youth Volunteers Network 2007 till date

Secretary, Lagos State AIDS Control Agency LSACA (YouthWork Group) 2010-2011

Member, African Resource Leadership Foundation 2010-2014

Governing-in-Council, Business Student Association Lagos Chapter 2016-2011

Lagos state Coordinator of Campaign Against Girl Child Abuse 2016 till date

Dynamic Youth Organization of Nigeria 2006 till date.  


Outstanding Service Award as the Chair, Nigerota by Rotaract District 9110, Nigeria 2015-2016

Most Supportive Rotaractor Award by Rotaract District 9125, Nigeria Oyo zone 2015-2016
National Merit Award by All Nigeria Rotaract Multi District Conference 2015-2016
Most Valuable Rylarian by Rotary District 9110, Nigeria 2015-2016
Exemplary Leadership Award by Rotaract Club of Obantoko 2015-2016
National Merit Award by All Nigeria Rotaract Multi District Conference 2014-2015
Distinguished Service Award by Rotaract Advisory Committee Rotary District 9110, Nigeria 2014-2015
Best District Leader by Rotaract District 9110, Nigeria 2014-2015
Service Above Self Aware by Rotaract District 9110, Nigeria 2014-2015
Exemplary Youth Leadership Award by Rotaract Club of Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta FUNAAB 2014-2015
Best District Programme Chairman ROTAFIED 2013-2014
Exemplary Youth Leadership Award by Rotaract Club of Isolo 2013-2014
Outstanding Rylarian by Sea School 2008 & 2015
Young Motivational Speaker of the year by Department of Chemical Student Association (Tasued Chapter) 2009
Best 300 level student by Headstone Academy 2008
Outstanding Young Nigeria by BrandIT Nigeria 2007
Rotary Youth Leadership Award 2015

Rotary Ethics and Etiquette Training 2014

International Conference on AIDS and Sexual in Africa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 2011

Rotary Youth Leadership Award 2010

Daystar Leadership Academy 2008

Headstone Speaker Academy 2007

He is a sort after speaker at conferences, seminars, talkshows and media houses such as television continental,  Unilag fm, noun fm to mention a few. His hobbies are traveling, reading, meeting new people and speaking. He is a young man who has demonstrated impeccable commitment and dedication in the area of membership drive and growth in every organizations he finds himself.
He is Currently the Principal Consultation of Xplore Communications, a business borne of the passion to help in unleashing great potentials. He is a co-founder of the striving Committee of friends.

His vision is to help people maximize their innate potentials. He is a devoted Christian. A proud member of Christ Apostolic Church CAC worldwide and also a member of the Light of God drama ministry. His mentor is Bishop David Oyedepo.

He is single and based in Lagos.

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Opinion: Nigeria Youths discusses Infidelity amongst them. 

A graphic illustrating relationships amongst Youths in recent times.

Due to the alarming rate at which Unfaithfulness in relationship amongst youth is taking a firm root and becoming a norm. This has become growing concern for physiologist, religious groups, and even the youth themselves. In an effort to understand why most youths are not faithfully committed to one partner, #DareHeights decided to conduct a wide spread opinion poll with the poser: Why is it difficult this days for youths to stay loyally faithful to a partner when in a relationship?
You may be appalled, happy, amazed or indifferent by various responses gotten from a collection of highly placed youths, youth leaders and very intelligent Youths nationwide. Are these collected opinion an ascertion or mere excuses? I leave you and relationships expert with the onus of responsibility to decipher and chart a noble cause for the Youths to stay loyally faithful to one partner when dating. However, I’m of the conviction that, no matter what, infidelity  can  not be justified. 

Below are excerpts from opinion gathered:




It is the policy of DareHeights Group not to endorse or oppose any opinion expressed by a user or content provided by a user, contributions or other independent party. Opinion pieces and contributions are the opinion of the  writer only and does not in any way represent the opinion of DareHeights Group. 

© DareHeights Group 2016. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The uploading, scanning and distribution of this material in any form or by any means- including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise- without the permission of DareHeights Group is illegal. Your support of the DareHeights right is appreciated.

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Pendulum : How to move Nigeria forward by @delemomodu

​Fellow Nigerians, let me start by saying nothing worries me more than the intractable problems of our dearly beloved country. There are times I wish I could just mind my own business but it seems I’m addicted to the issues and problems of Nigeria.

Lately, I have come up with different theories about why we are where we are. One of them is to go superstitious and believe we are jinxed and we’ve been jazzed by some fiendish demons. Or how does one explain the fact that no government has been able to find a practical and workable solution to our incredible challenges.

My second theory is that we actually hate our country but just pretend to be patriotic which is best seen in our words and not, of course, in our action.

An average Nigerian spends a large proportion of his time daily lamenting about Nigeria and regurgitating the same simple facts and seeming solutions that would ultimately lead to no grand denouement because nothing is done about them. We talk, talk and talk and that’s where it ends. If we truly love our country as much as we claim, we should have arrived at our Eldorado by now given the plethora of sometimes practical and workable solutions that we proffer.

My third theory is that we have a cultural problem that requires a cultural revolution. Our culture turns a once simple human being to an unrecognisable monstrosity in little or no time. One begins to wonder what suddenly caused the 360-degree transformation. Leaders in Nigeria at all levels live and act like emperors. Even the most enlightened ones among us behave like victims of hypnotism and accept whatever was in place before, and continue the madness.

One of them is the over-ceremonial nature of governments. Every leader over-dresses, over-militarises security, and over-spends on personal comfort and so on. I must commend the simplicity of the Vice-President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo as he seems to be able to buck this trend and dress simply in Kaftan and suits as he has always done. Governor Olusegun Mimiko is another leading politician who imbibes the simple culture.

The Federal Government has properties scattered everywhere in choice locations lying fallow most times. Our Presidential fleet is competing with that of America and they must be maintained by all means. So, how can we complain about under-development when leaders are not ready to compromise on expensive lifestyles?
My fourth theory is that a society gets the type of leaders it deserves. We are largely docile and accept our leaders’ excesses. If you complain too much, they would ask “is it only you that knows how to talk?” I watched closely as Wole Soyinka, Tai Solarin, Gani Fawehinmi, Femi Falana, Balarabe Musa, and others struggled so much for a thankless nation. They were regularly harassed by government and frequently abused by the same people they were trying to protect. Their families suffered in silence without any of us asking how they fared. And as popular as they were, none except Balarabe Musa could win major elections. Gani Fawehinmi was a Presidential candidate and he lost resoundingly. Femi Falana tried to be the Governor of Ekiti State but it was an impossible mission. Our society moves on regardless of what happens to these social and welfarist gladiators.
Where then do we go from here? There are no easy solutions to these problems. None springs out as being the most practical and necessary. My suggestion however, is that we must start from somewhere. We cannot just resign ourselves to fate and do nothing.

I have received some impetus lately from my experience in Ghana. Anyone following me on social media would have noticed my romance with the old Gold Coast. The country has demonstrated that we can surmount our problems once we make up our minds to start the journey. My advice is that we should never feel too big to learn from others, even from those we feel are smaller to us. The story of Ghana should impress and not depress us.

I have had the privilege of watching President John Dramani Mahama build and transform Ghana into a modern nation state. We, therefore, don’t have to travel far to borrow examples. I know that in our usual bravado we may dismiss this innocuous call as arrant nonsense but I wish to beg our leaders, in the name of all that is good, to treat this as a clarion call. There is ample evidence that Ghana is working and there is no reason why Nigeria cannot work. Ghana has fewer resources than Nigeria but it has managed to properly harness and enhance these resources over the years. More recently, President Mahama has taken up the gauntlet and done a lot more to make Ghana a progressive, buoyant economy with significant infrastructural development.

The first reality check is to accept that no leader can do it all. No leader has the monopoly of wisdom and nobody should try to pin that on any of our leaders and seek to transform them into what they are not. Once we understand that the President is not a magician or sorcerer, we can begin to appreciate his limitations and not be overly expectant of miracles.

Nonetheless, President Muhammadu Buhari can still do much more in the under two years that he has left before he decides to seek re-election or not. His first task is to prioritise the activities of his Government having substantially dealt with his primary agenda of fighting corruption. I am sure that the President knows that the fight against corruption is just one of the foundations upon which the monument of development and progress will be based. Unfortunately, added to the traditional features of progressive development like the economy, education, health, agriculture and social welfare, Nigeria has added security and insecurity. All of these need to be given proper consideration and prioritised in order to ensure that the elusive well-being of our people is achieved.

I will never get tired of reiterating this fact; Nigeria will never make substantial progress until we upgrade our educational institutions. This is one area Ghana is doing very well. Ghana today has about 60,000 educational institutions from primary to tertiary institutions. I know that Nigeria has many more but it is in the quality and the detail that Ghana emerges superior. Enrolment in the various levels of Ghanaian institutions is about ten million out of a population of about 26 million. I am aware that Nigeria falls far short in this regard.

In 2013, close to 32 million exercise books were distributed by Government to nearly five million pupils. About two million school uniforms have gone out to pupils since 2010. In 2013, 12.5 million Maths, English and Science text books were distributed to government basic schools. An average pupil in Ghana has access to about four textbooks. Osun State has taken a welcome lead by its controversial Tablet, called Opon Imo which features several textbooks.

School feeding Programme is approaching about two million children. 60,000 laptops have been given out to Basic School pupils while about 50,000 teachers received ICT training. 10,000 locally made sandals went to underprivileged pupils. Teacher Training institutions now have well equipped science laboratories in order to improve the teaching of Science and Maths. Massive library facilities have been undertaken even in rural areas. Technical schools are thriving where artisans are trained for performance and efficiency.

Tertiary institutions are receiving special boosts. The University of Ghana has nearly completed a 617-bed teaching hospital complex for the training of medical students and nurses. Government is providing Distance Education ICT centres for all ten regions of Ghana equipped with video conferencing and lecture auditoriums. Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology in Kumasi has ultra-modern laboratories with latest gadgets such as “high capacity nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers, mass spectrometers and analysers… petroleum engineering laboratories with drill simulators…” There is a new Veterinary hospital equipped to be the most advanced in West Africa. Polytechnics are being rebranded into Technical Universities. Just imagine how many billions of dollars Nigeria would save on foreign education if we can improve the quality at home drastically. Whilst it is laudable that the Nigerian Government is allowing entrepreneurs and religious organisations to invest in education, Government cannot and must not abdicate its responsibility to them. Government owes a duty to see the proper educational advancement and development of its children. It must take the lead and show the way and not wait for such private institutions to provide the foundation for our industrial development. Happily, some of these institutions like the Elizade University, Ilara-Mokin which has an Engineering Faculty that has equipment capable of producing a fire engine and race cars in the not too distant future have taken up the challenge.

Health they say is wealth. Nigeria would do extremely well if we can return to the days of old when our medical facilities were world class. Ghana has set up an ambitious plan to deliver 6,000 new hospital beds soon and some of the projects have advanced so much in the past two years because about two billion dollars has been invested by the Mahama government covering “two Teaching Hospital projects, three Institutional Hospitals, four Regional Hospitals, 14 District Hospitals, dozens of polyclinics and scores of health centres…” The beauty of it is that, the government is reaching out to many rural areas in the distribution of facilities. Looking through the Ghana Green Book containing the endless accounts of developmental projects garnished with crispy pictures one could see a country fully and gloriously at work for the improvement of the lives of its people.

On the international and tourist front, the small but efficient Kotoka International Airport Accra is being upgraded. The general ambience has improved with about 26 Immigration cubicles equipped with cameras and finger-printing machines. There are new conveyor belts, elevators, escalators, etc. The cargo section is heavenly. A new terminal is being added because of the economic expansion and development that is attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) to Ghana. All this has been achieved within a very short period. On the contrary, our airports remain horrible. Where there is work in progress like the extensions at at Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport, Abuja and Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Lagos the work has been done at snail speed. This is not good enough for the giant of Africa. Something must be done urgently to stop this disgrace. The airport is always the first point of contact with most countries for visitors and investors. For whatever reasons, our airports have remained our worst PR edifices as a nation.

President Buhari has urgent work to do. It must start now by first deciding the way forward after the corruption battle.

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Profiling Panshak Derrick Gowok Aka Oluwa Peezy.


Oluwa Peezy doing what he does best, making Music.

On that faithful day, 3rd of March in the early 90’s, a rare gem came into the world at Jude Hospital in the great city of Jos, Plateau State via Mr. and Mrs. Gowok Song’A Christopher. The only son with four pretty sisters was named, Panshak Derrick Gowok. It is worthy of mention that the young man came into this world on a Sunday. He hails from Kanke Local Government of Plateau State. A native of Ngas.

The talented music act had is primary education at Police Children School, Jos (Do note that that was the same school the popular music art, Ice Prince attended. This proves something unique), he had a stint of primary education at Methodist Primary School, Jos ans thereafter completed his primary education at St. Thereasa primary school, Jos in the year 2003. Oluwa Peezy as he is popularly known in the music industry was under the management of the late MC Longs, the upcoming act in 2007 joined a group called Triple Wheels, it would be worthy of mention that more than ever before the group had more invitations for shows and performance, a rare feat that was attributed to Oluwa Peezy’s drive for excellence in music and attainment of success, even his group mates can attest to this. Oluwa peezy has been in the game of music since the year 2004 and still making his mark till date.


Oluwa Peezy gracing the red carpet after a performance.

After giving it some conscientious thoughts, the multi-talented music art decided to go solo! This decision really paid of as he has shared the stage with great music icons, some of which are:, Terry G, Ice Prince, Face, Jesse Jagz, J Martins, Terry the rapman, Black face, JaYung L, Endia, Blackah, Flouv, to mention but a few. Panshak is truly an indigenous artists as he speaks all there major Nigeria languages fluently, Yoruba, Hausa and Igbo


Album act of his latest single, Robo Club.

The Jos breed was on the 14th of May awarded by the Benue State Government as the youth ambassador to the people of Agatu Local Government Area, this was predicated on a song he did on Agatu, which emphasized the essence of oneness, peace and love. The said song till date is widely accepted not only in Agatu but in Benue State as a whole. His love for music comes naturally as he often say that ‘Music has life in her, she goes beyond the Beats, she’s usually alive to give hope, support, soul searching and challenge you, good music though’.


Chilling Oluwa Peezy.

His hobbies are writing music lyrics, making good musical tunes. A fan of water melon, and loved red, white and black colors. Oluwa Peezy is currently signed with any  record label. He has worked with great producers like Geekbeatz, Savebeatz, ­EM1, Eskay, Greal and many others.

Oluwa Peezy has his mentor to be the legendary Bob Marley, he admires 2Face, Olamide,
Ice prince, Jagz, MI, Wizkid, Seyi Shay, Kiss Daniel and Reekado Banks. Oluwa Peezy is an afro singer, although his musical flexibility can work on all genre of music.

His vision is to make an indelible mark on the Sands on time in the music industry both locally and globally. Often asked what will give him satisfaction in life, his response has always been “I want to have a music school where kids in the project can be taken off the streets and their talents properly harnessed and utilized positively for the greater good”.

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A Leader With A Difference: Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu.


Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu speaking on the floor on the Senate.

She is free in her wildness, she is a wanderess, a drop of free water. She knows nothing of borders and cares nothing for rules or customs. ‘Time’ for her isn’t something to fight against. Her life flows clean, with passion, like fresh water.” ― Roman Payn

Coming from a humble background into a more affluent one via hardwork, sincerity, passion to stand out uniquely and the grace of the Almighty God. If a woman was a poem, Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu would have been widely  adjudged as not just as good poem but also as the best ever! Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu was born into Late (Alhaji) Pa Akeeb Alagbe Sunmonu and Late (Alhaja) Amudalat Jadesola Sunmonu on 9 April 1959, in Oyo, Oyo State. She was born into a family that realized the importance of education, she began her elementary education at Children’s Boarding School, Osun – Oshogbo and moved onto the Ilora Baptist Grammar School, Ilora in Oyo State before transferring to Olivet Baptist High School, Oyo (formerly Oyo Baptist Boys High School).

As a young lady she later attended the Kwara State College of Technology. Her level of intelligence and brilliancy grew so high that she became unmatched by her peers psychologically, intellectually and linguistically. Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu decided to take up a job at the Accounts Department of the Property Development Corporation of Oyo state (now Housing Corporation) in Bodija Ibadan, Oyo State and later left for the UK in 1979.


She said in one of her speeches and I quote “obtaining a higher degree is unquestionably an achievement that will bring lifetime benefit even if the investment is difficult.” This was at our first meeting in person, sometimes in 2011. She holds sacrosanct the ideals that the role of Education for sustainable development cannot be over emphasized, and she virtually lived by that professed principle all through her time in the UK. She so much believes and promulgate often that  Education is for sustainable development which promotes the development of the knowledge, skills, understanding, values and actions required to create a sustainable youth, women, and economic sustainability. In her quest for acquiring more formal knowledge while in the UK, she attended Holborn Law tutors for her LL.B. She then went on to the London School of Accountancy to complete a course to qualify for the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators. She is also an alumni of Lewisham Southwark College UK. Her wealth of knowledge, healthy and unquestionable character has propelled her to a preeminent figure in the British Government, a rare feat unmatched by some kings in Nigeria and Africa at large!


She ardently pushes for the renewal of innovative and sustainable development in Nigeria. It was Late Margaret Thatcher who said: “In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man. If you want anything done, ask a woman.”  As an indigene of Oyo, Oyo State, on 26 April 2011 Monsurat Sunmonu contested on the platform of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) for the Oyo East and Oyo West seat in the House of Assembly which she won convincingly.
Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu became the first female Speaker in the history of the Oyo State House of Assembly in June 2011. I see this as breaking the marble ceiling just as Nancy Pelosi (the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives).
The House of Assembly under her able leadership was the most effective and productive in the history of Oyo State till date!  As the RT. Hon. speaker and an additional exemplified ardent stickler for excellence, Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu was able to predict with assurance on the basis of mystic knowledge, developmental factor in line with her motto: “Advancing Peoples Interest”. Today, so many of the principles that Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu fought for as a speaker of the Oyo State House of Assembly are now part of the accepted political landscape in our country Nigeria. Above all she stands for something in the world – for Purity, Humility, Education, Proper Upbringing, True Democracy and for right over might. Sen. Monsurat Sunmonu a leader per excellence.
Indeed, she is a leader with a difference.

ADEOYE Ajibola Adetoyese writes from Oyo, Oyo State and can be reached via +2348114735242,

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What They Won’t Tell The President By @DeleMomodu


Fellow Nigerians, reactions to my column last week were not unexpected. As anticipated, they were indeed varied. Some people were impressed that anyone could tell President Muhammadu Buhari what most people would never dare. Others felt I could talk because I don’t work with the President and therefore do not feel the pressure of those that do. A few more simply dismissed my contribution as they usually do without any good reason.

It could be true that more often than not, aides usually misread their bosses and idols and so feel under pressure not to irritate, annoy or even antagonise their Boss. I have had the privilege of working and interacting with bigwigs at home and abroad and noticed that many of their employees treat them with awe, fear and trepidation but not necessarily with respect. On my part, I have tried to remain truthful, respectful and loyal to my bosses without being fawning or uncritical. Sometimes, they would love and appreciate these attributes. On other occasions, they’ve chosen to live in denial and bury their heads in the sand like ostriches do. Even when they have discovered the truth, ego has sometimes denied them the chance of accepting the fact that you were right and they were wrong.
So I wasn’t surprised that some Abuja guys were not impressed about my recent article titled HOW THEY MISLEAD OUR LEADERS. I won’t be surprised if our President did not read that important article because it was kept away from him. The easiest way to fail as a leader is to be shielded from reality by cronies who tell you all is well when all is far from being well. The other way to invite failure is when a leader allows sycophants to invite and amass enemies for such leader. I witnessed both of these first hand during the seeming deification of President Goodluck Jonathan by those who felt he was beyond reproach. But after his government collapsed, most of those who fought imaginary enemies on behalf of President Jonathan simply vamoosed and left the former President to his personal ordeal. Ironically, it was those of us considered his enemies that came out boldly to defend him and to protect his rights under the rule of law given the statesmanship that he had demonstrated in the twilight of his administration.

What I find baffling is the fact that man never learns any didactic lessons from history. Less than two years ago, many of those who have somehow found themselves in power today hailed the critics of Jonathan’s administration. They found our pens more powerful than machine-guns. They called to thank us for our patriotism and gallant battle to restore hope to a dangerously bleeding nation. I remember one particular gentleman, who is currently a Minister; he used to phone me to commend my maturity in attacking issues rather than personalities. Today he has stopped calling and I’m sure he is no longer comfortable with the same level of patriotism and maturity that he praised.

Let me reiterate that I love President Muhammadu Buhari but mine is not a fake or blind love. I was taught by my very traditional mum that “a mother chastises a child she loves” and I have translated that to mean that conversely, a child must offer true words of advice to parents he treasures. This is why I talk about our President with such respect and decorum but at the same time I boldly analyse his policies and actions and candidly offer advice as I see fit. I believe we can help in supporting him by telling him the true state of affairs and painting the real picture of things. Nigeria is much more complex and complicated than some of those in power today wish to admit. I suspect they have also assumed that they know the mind-set of the President who they perceive as stubborn and unyielding and would rather play along in order not to invite his wrath. The impression out there is that Baba is mean and vengeful and can trample on and injure anyone in his line of fire. When I tell people I met a soft, gentle, humble and caring man once in 2011 and twice in 2015, they tell me that was all a façade and I couldn’t judge him on those accounts. It may be necessary for the President to free his people from this self-manacled bondage they have chosen for themselves, as I once advised. The unfounded fear of Buhari may stultify the progress of this government. And only the President can help his men and women overcome this dangerous paranoia. The world has moved beyond the type of maximum rulership which this suggests and the President is not such a person in any event.

I have have been seeing posts on social media indicating that some aides have been telling Baba that majority of Nigerians are satisfied with his government and that only the disgruntled elements, otherwise nicknamed “wailing wailers”, are complaining. But this is not true. Nigerians are complaining about many things and Baba needs to know. Of course, not everyone is lamenting like the Biblical Jeremiah. There are always new beneficiaries in every new government. And those who have crossed the bridge, or ladder, of pain into comfort don’t usually see the misery they left behind. That was the anecdotal case of the French Empress who asked why people could not eat cake when there was scarcity of bread. Little did she realise that bread and cake belong to the same family of flour and that the issue was one of poverty not merely famine or supply.
Nigerians are complaining about the slow pace of work. They want Baba to jazz things up. Not that they expect him to do it all but they are hoping he can rejig this government and bring in proven and tested Nigerians from any part of the world and whatever political or religious background. It is the prerogative of every government to hone its engine of governance regularly by discarding worn-out batteries, plugs and pumps. You may need to flush dirty engine oil and replace with premium lubricant. It should be obvious that what we have at the moment is far short of the speed and stamina required to take Nigeria to the next level.

Nigerians are complaining about the seeming Nothernisation of the key sectors of the Nigerian economy and polity. I am personally not very worried about ethnic sentiments as a completely detribalised Nigeria but there are those who feel very strongly about this and the President may need to allay their reasonable fears of being extinguished and exterminated from the national politics of Nigeria. My honest suggestion is that Baba should come out to tell Nigerians the criteria he uses in arriving at his choices. He should confront his critics with superior logic and the mathematics of appointment distribution. He should not just dismiss this as a non-issue. That is the burden placed on him by Constitutional democracy. Every controversial action and decision must be explained tirelessly and endlessly. As I have said several times nothing beats merit, not even primordial ethnic sentiments.

Nigerians are complaining about the high cost of governance especially in this era of dwindling national fortunes. Many are telling us that we persuaded them to vote APC because we flaunted the credentials of Buhari as a frugal and simple man not susceptible to frivolous spending or profligacy. They are taunting us that they have seen no evidence of the reduction in the extravagant spending on presidential jets and the upkeep of government personnel and their families. Again it may be necessary to update and educate the Nigerian people on how government has concretely worked on cutting costs in these austere times. It is always good to talk to people who may not know the facts and those who feign ignorance deliberately. The government communicators should, please, not be so dismissive lest they are accused of being standoffish. No effort should be spared at carrying everyone along including known and unknown troublemakers.
Nigerians are complaining about the religious sensitivity of this government. They believe that Northern Christians are being studiously marginalised and this should be urgently addressed. In a country where the President was blackmailed in the past about his religious antecedents by being described as an Islamic fundamentalist it is only appropriate for the President to sensitise people and propagate his commitment to secularism. A good example of this is the fact that whilst he may have felt the need to pick Christians as his running mate in the past two elections he was not forced to pick Pastors as his running-mates. It is clear that he did this out of choice and to show that he was willing to work side by side with Christian fundamentalists in the task of nation building.

Baba should not jettison the principle of religious tolerance he has imbibed and displayed. It would be politically rewarding if he gives every Nigerian that same sense of belonging. Nothing is more volatile than religious conflagration and it is always a handy weapon in the hands of enemies of State.
Nigerians are wondering what direction the economy is headed with the incessant free-fall of the naira despite all efforts at arresting the kamikaze plunge. Added to this is the deregulation of the price of petrol and the pains being felt by these twin policies can only be described as untold hardship.
While Nigerians are highly impressed that Baba is fighting looters to standstill they want to know what is happening to all the humongous cash already recovered. Many states are still in financial mess, unable to pay their workers. Like someone joked on Twitter yesterday, the hope is that Baba would not keep the money in savings for the next government that will come and redistribute to the looters again. That should be food for thought.
It would be fantastic if we can do what President John Dramani Mahama is doing in Ghana, by investing heavily in legacy projects that will definitely outlive his government and launch Ghana into the big league of modern nations. Nigeria should borrow a leaf from Ghana by revamping and upgrading our schools, hospitals, roads, airports, railways, oil facilities, seaports, and so on. It would be sweet victory for Nigerians and President Buhari if they can enjoy the fruits of some of the recovered loot in the very near future.

Nigerians are also talking about the spate of agitations for the breakup of the Nigerian State, especially the renewed call by the pro-Biafra groups of South East Nigeria to carve out an Igbo nation. While we may not understand the exact mission of the Niger Delta Avengers, one of the most lethal militant groups in Nigeria today, it is not likely to be too far from that of the Biafrans ultimately. The groups must be delicately handled. Their leaders may have personal and selfish ulterior motives but what is clear is that they are echoing the sentiments and yearnings of their people for self-determination borne out of frustration in being marginalised in the Nigerian power game. At the end of the day, there is nothing violence can achieve that dialogue cannot handle better and faster. It is time to tone down the drums of war and set Nigeria on the path of restoration, peace and progress.

There are simply too many distractions and Nigerians are suffering as a result. I have no doubt about President Buhari’s patriotism and zeal and his desire to improve the lot of Nigerians. It is about time that he demanded the same of his lieutenants and require them to put national interest over and above personal or party interests.

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War Against Indiscipline by Adeoye Ajibola Adetoyese


It is true that a few lofty proposals have been aired in the last 91 years by various students activists and by the most federalist minded students unionists on how to promote African nationalism, discourage  the incessant occurrence of chaotic and some time criminal behaviour among the youths and students of Africa.

It is also sad, to note that student’s indiscipline has had a lot of negative effects on the school system and learning system, many academic calendar are being disrupted as a result of this indiscipline, many students now form themselves into gangs, they threaten the life of fellow students, teachers and the society as a whole.

It is a collective effort for the nations of Africa to pay attention to the frequent indiscipline among our youths, if we are to achieve vision 2020.

I want to humbly reiterate that domestic social reforms could cure incessant occurrence of chaotic activities in Africa and the world at large.

I cordially invite the cooperation of all men and women, students and youths, parents and guardians, governments and elders of Africa and the World at large who remain loyal to the declaration of clarion call of our dear Africa continent to see need for eradication of all forms of indiscipline raging from the violation of governmental regulations to truancy, stealing, assault, genocide, terrorism, robbery and other socially undesirable behaviours that undermine the continent of Africa.

We all need to embrace the principles behind crusade against indiscipline in building a peaceful society through fostering a peaceful state of mind.
The fate of any nation or continent  depends on the youths she breeds, as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

* We are Africans
* We are committed to world
* We value people
* We are extraordinary
* We are peace builders
* We are partners
* We are the hope of the world.

Adeoye Ajibola Adetoyese writes from Oyo, Oyo State and can be reached via +2348114735242 and

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