Reaveled: How Wike bought Supreme Court Judgement.

The governorship candidate of
the All Progressives Congress in
Rivers State in the April 2015
election, Dakuku Peterside, has
alleged that the Supreme Court
judgement that affirmed the
election of the state governor,
Nyesom Wike, was contrived to
legalise electoral violence and
He spoke at a press conference in
Port Harcourt, the state capital on

Mr. Wike of the Peoples
Democratic Party was declared
winner of the April 11, 2015
governorship election by the
Supreme Court on January 27.
He had earlier lost to Mr. DaKuku
at the Rivers State Governorship
Election Tribunal and the Court of
Appeal. The APC candidate had
initially accepted the judgement of
the Supreme Court.

The APC governorship candidate
said Mr. Wike’s speech at a
Church thanksgiving service last
Sunday to mark his victory in the
court as well as in other fora
suggested that he (governor), his
party and supporters “might have
been in the know of what the
judgment would be long before
the Supreme Court pronounced
He said despite his acceptance
and temperate public comments
on the verdict of the court, the
governor seemed to have given
credence to the pervading doubt
being expressed on the judgement
in public space, especially in the
media about the judgement.
“Many a Nigerian continues to
wonder why PDP and Governor
Wike’s supporters went on wild
celebration across Rivers State as
early as 9 am on the Day of
judgement even if the actual
verdict was handed down at
about 6:20 pm of that day,”

Mr. Dakuku said.
“It clearly suggests that they might have been in the know of what the judgment would be long before the Supreme Court pronounced it.
“This is coupled with several comments
especially on the social media some three weeks earlier such as ‘Thank God there will now be no need for a rerun election….. It is surely ending at the Supreme Court,” etc. etc.”
The APC candidate said information at his disposal confirmed that the governor told some persons he did not name that he (governor) met with one of the justices of the Supreme Court in Mbaise, a town in Imo State, another one in a hotel in Owerri, the state
capital and others outside the country.

According to him, the two justices were
incidentally members of the panel that
decided the case last month.
He said, “Credible information confirmed that Nyesom Wike had earlier confessed to some persons of having met one of the Justices of
the Supreme Court in Mbaise during an
important burial, another at Owerri in a hotel and yet others in Dubai and Saudi Arabia
respectively. These Justices were in the panel that decided the matter in Wike’s favour.
“However, the most striking revelation by
Nyesom Wike is contained in his account at the thanksgiving service last Sunday. He obviously stunned his audience and the watching world when he confessed that when it came to the Judges, Dr. Peter Odili and the
wife Justice Mary Odili [a Justice of the
Supreme Court] were his advisers.
“This simply confirmed his earlier statements that he had contact with the Justices after several attempts to reach the Chief Justice of the country failed.
“It is therefore obvious that the decision of the Supreme Court on the Rivers State Election was not a product of justice but rather a product of compromise and orchestrated
contrivance to legalise electoral violence and rigging and, in turn, reward injustice. This calls for serious introspection by our Judiciary and judicial officers.”

Mr. Dakuku said the governor probably forgo that he was on live telecast when he said he had midnight discussions with a former governor of the state, Peter Odili, who incidentally is the husband of Mary Odili, a Supreme Court justice. “This shocking confession needs no further explanation except for you and other decent Nigerians to further make your fair conclusions,” he said.

The APC candidate said while addressing civil servants in Port Harcourt, Mr. Wike exhibited
unconscionable indiscretion of the highest order by re-echoing his earlier incendiary statements threatening personnel of the Independent National Electoral Commission with death over the forthcoming national and
state assemblies rerun elections.
Stating that the statement threatening Inec officials was the most callous a governor would make, Mr. Dakuku said “It is a known fact that Wike promotes violence and believes so much in jungle justice but he forgets that such outlook does not have any place in a civilized society.”
He said Mr. Wike’s outburst at the
thanksgiving service that blood would have flowed if the governorship election was going to hold again confirmed beyond doubt that the governor was not only behind the orgy of violence during the last elections, but also funded and sponsored it. Mr. Peterside warned the governor to stop verbal attack on President Muhammad Buhari and the Nigerian military.

Decrying a statement credited to Mr. Wike challenging the president to “bring your Boko Haram soldiers to Rivers State” during the rerun, the APC candidate said that kind of
statement “typifies the persona of Gov.
Nyesom Wike as someone lacking in respect, patriotism and character of being a councillor much more a state governor in the Federal
Republic of Nigeria.”
He stated further, “Let me draw the attention of Nyesom Wike to the fact that it is most callous of him to demonstrate such level of
denigration on the gallant officers and men of the Nigerian military who are putting their lives at risk every other day to safeguard the Nigeria state and citizens when he referred to
them as Boko Haram soldiers.

“I vehemently condemn such display of verbal indiscretion against Mr. President and the Nigerian military.”

Efforts to speak with Simeon Nwakaudu,
media aide to Mr. Wike failed as he did not pick calls to his mobile telephone.

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Over 11 months, is #StellaMustWalkAgain campaign defeated?


I bring to you Special greetings in the name of the Almighty God.
It is about 300 days today that Rtr. Olorunfemi Stella was involved in a ghastly motor accident, which sadly claimed two lives. It is an unfortunate incidence in the Rotaract family that has left a sorrowful scar; more so, Rtr. Stella since then been unable to walk unaided with my legs.


After a whole lot of monies has been spent in a teaching hospital here in Nigeria, which obviously yielded no positive result. Based on professional medical advice, her medical report sent to various hospitals abroad. A German hospital has indicated their expertise in making #StellaMustWalkAgain a huge possibility. This news which was like a ray of light over the darkness her healtcondition has caused her family. This aided her parents and few friends to swiftly swing into action, for the love of their beautiful daughter and friend, and the desire to see #StellaMustWalkAgain agilely. While they have successfully made frantic effort in securing all other necessities that is required to make the trip to Germany a success, finance still stood as a hindrance!



While some have merely verbalized and made campaign of calumny the #StellaMustWalkAgain agitation, their reasons best known to them though! If we claim to serve humanity and one of ours is in dire critical, painful, excruciating and pitiful condition, yet we can’t ameliorate her condition, how have we been a good neighbor? We give to others, we make others happy, and we wear smiles on the faces of the less privileged, most of whom we never knew from Adam. Yet, one of ours, we have failed to make happy, smile and ameliorate her condition.

It is worthy of mention, sincere appreciation to all who have in one way or the other contributed finance and otherwise to the #StellaMustWalkAgaincampaign. Methinks, now is appropriate to prove to ourselves that we are most surely capable of lifting one of our own whenever the need(s) arise. We must harness this situation to re-emphasize that ONE OF US IS ALL OF US. We must make an example of the incidence to ourselves that no matter what, we are are indeed on the lookout for one another. God forbids, who knows who is next?


For a start, the sum of 6,000 Euro, which is about #1,8,000,00 in Naira is urgently to aid #StellaMustWalkAgain, medically. Hence, I humbly use this medium to please solicit for your kind financial assistance so that she can be operated upon and then walk again. It was Charles Dickens who said: No one is useless in this world that lightens the burden of others.

Donations can be made in favour of:

Name: Olorunfemi Stella
Account number: 3337849695
Bank Name: Diamond Bank.

Account Name: Olorunfemi Helen
Account number 0009728292
Bank Name: Diamond bank

LET US ALL RISE TO THIS OCCATION IN UNISON TO Make #StellaMustWalkAgain a victorious feat.

May God Almighty make evil far away from you and your loved ones, Amen.

Be good.

0813 921 9299

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How to write your partner an amazing love note/letter.

Do you and your lover have an anniversary looming, or do they have a landmark special occasion or birthday coming up? Whatever the reason, the fact is this: everyone loves getting letters. So what could be more perfect to spoil your girlfriend or boyfriend with, on her special day than a hand written love note?

With the age of the Internet destroying, or at the very least making physical communications with others somewhat scary, a hand written note is a rare find and marks the ultimate sign of romance in the digital age.

Yet, as much as you love your partner and as well as you may know them, many still get stumped on what to say or how to express their feelings when sitting down to write their note. Tutorials abound throughout the internet on step-by-step instructions on how to write something sweet for your sweetie. Seems a little impersonal, doesn’t it?

Tips on writing a love letter for your partner

Lucky for you, we’ve readied some great tips on how to write the perfect love letter for your beau.

#1 Compliments will get you everywhere. You heard me. It doesn’t matter the gender. Men and women love to be adored, so make sure you mention something *or several things!* you absolutely adore about your lover.

#2 Speak from the heart, not from a pre-written outline. Speaking from the heart is easier said than done, isn’t it? Strangely enough, expressing yourself to your partner may be one of the hardest parts of writing your letter.  Sure, you can say that you love your mate, appreciate them, never want to live without them, tell them they’re pretty and that they make you laugh… but then what? Those compliments aren’t exactly going to fill up an entire page’s worth of cursive.

This is why people commonly search the Internet for a template for letter writing. While this may work for wedding thank-you cards, or sympathy notes, looking for a pre-written love letter is a big romance no-no!

#3 Mention a specific experience. One of the best ways to connect in your letter is to mention a specific experience you’ve gone through together and how it made you stronger, made you laugh, or moved your heart. Not only will this give your partner something fond to look back on, but it’ll show that you wrote a letter that’s not just full of sweet yet generic niceties, but filled with things specifically about them.

#4 Use a fantastic quote. Quotes are the perfect romantic addition to any letter. It’s a lovely little way of throwing some poetry into your letter, without giving up what makes it personal.

Famous 1920s writer F. Scott Fitzgerald is highly quoteable. His romantic gems such as: “They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered” or “You are the finest, loveliest, tenderest, and most beautiful person I have ever known – and even that is an understatement,” is sure to have your lover swooning.

If old writers aren’t your thing, use funny or romantic quotes from shows or movies you both enjoy, like Woody Allen’s lighthearted narrative: “I was nauseous and tingly all over. I was either in love, or I had smallpox.”

#5 Talk about their achievements. Make sure you mention at least one of their achievements in your letter. If your letter is congratulating them on a new job, talk about all the hard work they put into getting to where they are now in their professional life.

If the letter or card is for their birthday, throw in something funny like: “I can’t believe you’re still kicking around after *hilarious inside-joke.*” If you are writing a letter or card because of an anniversary, talk about anything they’ve sacrificed, be it family relationships, fights with friends, putting up with your bad habits or serious conditions. Mention key things they’ve done for your relationship and be sure to tell them how much you appreciate it.

#6 Don’t force yourself to write a novel.If you want to write your partner a letter, but you aren’t a man of many words, then by all means keep it short. Even if you simply tell her you love her and the last “X-many-years” have been the happiest of your life, she’s sure to love it, so long as it’s from your heart.

Don’t feel the need to write an expansive letter just to prove your love. Odds are if you’re forcing it, she’ll be able to tell. Keep it short and sweet if that’s your style.

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National Association Of Peace Studies Students NAPSS.

The National Association of Peace Studies Students (NAPSS) is the umbrella body for all Nigeria Peace loving Students which started since 2010 at LAWNA Theological Seminary, Jos, An Affiliate of University of Jos, Plateau State Nigeria.

With the sole prerogative objective of deliberating challenges to peace, promote awareness of human injustice, environmental degradation, while also encouraging non-violent conflict resolution, encompassed in the academic field of peace studies. Also, the development of avenues to prevent and resolve war, genocide, terrorism, gross violation of human rights and to build a peaceful and just system cum societies through fostering a peaceful state of mind.


Additionally, it seeks to pass on a message of understanding and appreciation for mankind in its peaceful state through all of her endeavours. We have a mandate  to organize or plan training programmes to build members’ capacity and contribute much more to our aim for True Democracy, National Peace, and Cohesion and participate in our national and international activities.

NAPSS, like her other counterparts such as the All–African Students’ Union (AASU), West African Students’ Union (WASU), National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has membership cutting across the 36 states of Nigeria including FCT Abuja, and other countries of Africa such as Ghana, South Africa, Sudan, Kenya, and Egypt.

It has a record of mediating and promulgation activities that aids peaceful coexistence, harmony and understanding of various cultural differences, varying religious platform among many others. More so, NAPSS In our quest for the promulgation of peace, has often sought to find Role Models, Outstanding Institutions, pragmatic public servants, men and women who have at one time or the other contributed positively towards the attainment of a peaceful society, icons worthy of emulation, religious leaders, community leaders, captains of industries, employers of Labour, and Mentors in Life.

Peace makers… Peace Builders!

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Saraki: Is APC becoming vulnerable?

When the All Progressives Congress (APC) was formed
in 2013, the primary aim of the party was to wrest
power from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), after
16 years in the saddle. A year after coming on board as
a political party, the dream of APC came to fruition as it
unseated the PDP at the federal level through an
overwhelming support from Nigerians.
The pack of goodwill the party received across the
length and breadth of the country before, during and
after the March 28 elections was as a result of the
acknowledgment by Nigerians that the party will uphold
the principles of internal democracy and focus on
issues that concern the citizenry. All seem to be going
‘rosy’ in the party until different vested interests started
angling to take charge of the leadership of the
legislative arm of government.
The intrigues turned the once knitted fold into a den of
mutual suspicion. With the outcome of the Senate
leadership election going the way of Senator Bukola
Saraki, it was only a matter of time before the epic
battle within the APC becomes the lead headline.
A slice of the brewing crisis was an extract from an
article penned by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of
the APC, Mr. Joe Igbokwe, where he poured venom on
the Senate President and his supporters.
Igbokwe said: “Because of the inordinate ambition of
one man and lust to be the Senate President by all
means, Saraki ignored the President, the Vice-
President, APC governors, Senators, House of
Representatives members etc. to sacrifice the unity of
his party. Senator Saraki compounded the problems of
APC, and mounted a major roadblock for its smooth
take-off considering that it is just coming to power after
16 years in opposition.
“This man put spanners in the works and initiated a
serious internal crisis within the ruling party that nearly
made Nigerians who massively voted for APC to begin
to lose hope.
Saraki and his gang of 40 thieves devastated the
master plan of our great party to choose the right
people to serve as the Principal Officers in the National
Igbokwe’s statement which came at a time Saraki is
being tried at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, was seen
in some quarters as an instigated position, thereby
creating suspicions that the whole drama of trial is
sheer power game or fight against graft. For some
analysts, the choice of Saraki as the sacrificial lamb of
President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-graft crusade
appears curious, owing to the inconsistency with the
modus operandi of the trial.
For those in this school of thought, the trial of Saraki is
more political than a genuine resolve to unravel any
wrongdoing and establish justice. Apart from the
obvious political underhand, a number of procedural
flaws have been identified in the trial, these flaws to
analysts call for concern about the future of a
government that is fully yet to take-off, over 100 days
after assuming office.
For example, some analysts identified Section 24 of the
Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act that contends
that any charge to be preferred against any person
under the Act can only be handled by the Attorney
General of the Federation (AGF) or whoever he (the
AGF) has authorised to do so.
They averred that this provision is completely non-
existence in the Saraki prosecution. They posit that at
the time of starting the trial, President Buhari is yet to
have his own Attorney General and the government is
unable to wait to get an AGF in place before proceeding
with Saraki’s trial simply because to appoint one, he
has to appear before the same Saraki and others for
Thus, the political meditation that the plan is to get rid
of Saraki before appointing an Attorney General and
others sounds plausible.
Another hitch identified in the probe is the flagrant
nature that the CCB ignored its own procedure because
Section 3 (d) of the Act requires it to offer the accused
public officer the opportunity to either deny or admit to
the noncompliance or breach and that it is only in the
event of a denial that the matter can be forwarded to
the Tribunal.
Section 3(d) of the CCB Act states that: “The functions
of the Bureau shall be ….to receive complaints about
non-compliance with or breach of this Act and where
the Bureau considers it necessary to do so, refer such
complaints to the Code of Conduct Tribunal established
by Section 20 of this Act in accordance with Section 20
to 25 of this Act.
Provided that where the person concerned makes a
written admission of such breach or non-compliance,
no reference to the Tribunal shall be necessary.”
Interestingly, the provision was sidelined as the Saraki
team claimed to have first known about the charges
through the regular news medium like every other
person. Since the trial started, one question has been
constant at many fora and it is the fact that would
government had put Saraki on trial if he was not the
Senate President? The other leg to the question is: will
government continue with this trial if he bows out as
Senate President?
For one, Saraki’s sin, as it were, is in two-fold. First, he
challenged the authorities and defeated them to
become the Senate President. Some analysts noted
that the president had committed himself by saying he
belongs to nobody but all.
They averred that the president pretended he didn’t
mind the emergence of Saraki but also asked at the
same time that party supremacy must be upheld. In the
alternative, therefore, he wanted Saraki to make use of
the list the party gave him for senate leadership
positions since a few of the “president’s men” were
But Saraki didn’t see the opening as well as the trap
and announced that his hands were tied. He went
ahead to announce the other list preferred by the
senators since it is the prerogative of the senators to
choose their leaders. As it is, the whole arrangement is
to limit Saraki’s option and choke him out of his current
seat that seems to threaten the existence of the
president, it is either they watch him go down fighting
or bounce off the other option.
The other option to have him resign and elect a new
president of the senate seems remote, but whether he
goes down fighting or resigns and the situation opens
up the door for a new senate president, the more
vulnerable APC becomes and the president had better
prepare to live with a most likely PDP Senate President.
Presently, there are insinuations that even with the
Saraki trial yet to start, the party leadership has begun
to subtly look for a replacement from the North-
Central, preferably a Muslim. So, what does the
equation look like in the zone? If it is not predominantly
new intakes, it is populated more by Christians, who are
The implication of this, therefore, is that the APC may
be playing to the hands of the PDP, whose 49 is not
only intact, but will bountifully reap from APC’s divided
house (like the Tambuwal experience) and most likely
elect a David Mark as Senate President.
In sum, some analysts have argued that with the way
Saraki is being treated, it is clear that the APC seems
handicapped to protect their own and would offer
anyone for sacrifice whenever it chooses to if such
person is seen as anti-establishment. With the centre
not holding for the party, the variegated colours of the
change emblem are fast blurring out and it is only left
to be seen how the party will tie its shoe lace for the
task ahead.

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She’s in excruciating Pain… #StellaMustWalkAgain. PLEASE COME TO OUR AID.

TRAGEDY OF SERVICE; 18 involved, 2 gone, 1 still down!


14th of March 2015 remains a date that cannot be forgotten or sidelined in the history of Rotaract Club of Osogbo (D9125) and Rotaract club of Egbeda (D9110) during an International Exchange programme between the duos slated for March 13 – 15, 2015.
Friday,13th of March, we received our partners (RAC Egbeda) from Lagos State and started with a courtesy visit to the king of Erin-Osun and executed projects like,Donation of Mosquito nets to prevent malaria, Donation of Exercise books to secondary school students of the community,Donation of Pampers to the nursing mothers, Free Malaria test. The whole community was agog as so many people were beneficiaries of this  great and life touching projects. The king was so excited to host us in his community and appreciated our humanitarian effort with prayers.

On Saturday, 14th of March,the fateful day started with a friendly match which took place between both clubs. Members returned to their rooms after the match and freshened up, had breakfast and assembled inside a 18-passenger bus. The bus couldn’t contain everybody and a 10-passenger cab was hired as no one wanted to miss the great view at the museum in Esie,Kwara state where human beings turned to statue.
The journey began and it was fun all through in the buses till we arrived at the museum where we had nice time learning lessons from the incredible things we saw. After the sight-seeing, we decided to have our lunch and relax by swimming as the weather was getting hotter. After much fun, we assembled again into both buses to start our journey back home. We took of at exactly 5:25pm.

#Sigh#..The journey was smooth just like it was when coming until we reached Ajase-Ipo within the hours of 6pm when the story changed. We heard a loud noise of screeching tires,there was dust and right in front of our eyes, the bus swerved to the left,then went back to the right and eventually crashed into a thick bush turning upside down.
Immediately the smile on everybody’s face turned sour, and laughter turned to tears. As shocked and devastated as we are, some had to make the move of carrying and pulling the victims out one after the other and rushed them to a nearby hospital in Ajase-Ipo. Rtr. Olorunfemi Stella was rejected at the hospital and advised to be taken to another hospital for better treatment. While others were admitted for first aid treatment, Stella still had to suffer more pain in her critical state as she had to be driven to Offa General Hospital where she received her first treatment and again transferred to University Teaching Hospital in Ilorin that same night and still there till today.


Victims with critical cases were later detected and transferred to Ilorin for better treatment as well. Treatment was on-going and some were eventually discharged but so pathetic, our dear Rtr.Akinbola Peter from RAC Egbeda couldn’t make it, he died five days after leaving Rtr. Stella and Ariyo Folasade in a critical state. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. (Amen).

After four months of pains,agony and suffering and with all hope and assurance so high that all is well with our other hospitalized friends, just few days ago, August 24 to be precise, we lost our dear Folasade again. Oh death! Where is thy sting, oh grave! Where is thy victory. So painful indeed, we took faith in the fact that God alone giveth and taketh away, we pray God grant them eternal rest cum grant us the fortitude to bear the irreplaceable losses. Sleep on dear brother and sister, we love you but God loves you most.
Rtr. Olorunfemi Stella remains the only victim lying on the hospital bed for over five months now, undergoing several surgeries and treatments on daily basis, one can imagine the kind of pain she’s going through.



Lots of money have been spent and more is still needed for her to recover and stand on her feet, we can’t wait to see her walk on her feet and make us happy as there has never been
We are full of assurance that the good Lord will answer our prayers over you and soonest we shall see you again on your feet in peace.


SOS: We humbly use this medium to solicit for your kind benevolence in other to make #StellaMustWalkAgain a reality via support in kind, cash and prayer is still needed to sustain her. Please help with all your might to sustain a humanitarian service oriented lady who has impacted lives with all her might.
For Stella to walk again, she urgently needs to be flown abroad, India precisely for medical Surgery/Treatment at a cost of about three million, five hundred thousand naira (#3,500,000:00).

Account details;
Account Name: Olorunfemi Stella Account Number: 3337849695 Bank: Diamond bank

Thanks and God bless.

Signed: Team #StellaMustWalkAgain
08069775991, 08062924587, 08060009742, 08102105145, 08069408795


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Incoming district governors excited to ‘be a gift’

Rotary Voices

150119_themeBy Ryan Hyland, Rotary editorial staff

Incoming district governors enthusiastically greeted the presidential theme for 2015-16, Be a Gift to the World, during a dinner 18 January at the International Assembly, Rotary’s annual training event for future district leaders. RI President-elect K.R. “Ravi” Ravindran is asking Rotary members to use their talents, expertise, and leadership in the coming year to transform the lives of others.

We caught up with incoming district governors after the theme was announced to get their thoughts.

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