Press Release: National Association Of Peace Studies Students Advocate For National Peace. 

The International Day of Peace (“Peace Day”) is observed around the world each year on 21 September. Established in 1981 by unanimous United Nations resolution, Peace Day provides a globally shared date for all humanity to commit to Peace above all differences and to contribute to building a Culture of Peace.
It is quite timely that a time like this is coming at this critical point where the peaceful coexistence is being threatened on all fronts. The Biafa seccesion and the military response of the FG, the deadly Boko Haram sect, the incessant killings by Fulani herdsmen, the consistent calls for the Oduduwa Republic and the violent agitations by the militants. All of these are a bane to our peaceful coexistence as a Nation. 

It is pertinent to put on records that the events of 1967-1970, the operation wet Eh, the Zango Kataf events are still fresh in our memories. This dastardly events took our loved ones, destroyed valuable properties and left most without an identity. 
Hence, the National Association Of Peace Studies has often promulgated that there is no alternative to peace.

Today, being an international peace day, we want to rietirate our commiments and vociferous call for the entrenching of peace in all spheres of life. No Nation ever develops in a place where peace is absent. 
The National Association Of  Peace Studies Students call on all Nigerians irrespective of political divide, religious beliefs, cultural diversity and varying economic class, we all owe our dear Nation and future generations a greater Nigeria filled with peace, unity and harmony. 

Having established this, we call on the FG and all agitating regions to shealth their swords and become new pilgrims of the future. 

Secretary General 

National President

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Leaked Audio Tape on Buhari’s Health and His Wife, Aisha. 

President Muhammadu Buhari and Aisha Buhari

The explosive conversation exposes the inner workings of President Buhari’s feelings, during his treatment, towards a number people, including his wife as they jostle for power and worry about his health.

The following is the text of the conversation:

Mahmud Tukur : salaam alaikum. 
Mamman Daura: 
alaikum salaam. Senior Mahmud
MT: You did not answer my calls. I have called severally. 
MD: I am surprised COS I only saw one Missed call from you just now. I went to pray (Alwala) then I saw one call.
O dear ! That’s why I am replying. 
MT: that’s it.  I am trying to … 
MT Okay. Yaya
gaijia? Hope you are not too tired 
MD: Al
MT : okay. How is that place/ person? 
MD: There. That person. Well. It’s well.  He is getting better. 
MT: you said okay as if you are not sure …
Laugher interrupts 

MD: laughs in a very funny albeit sarcastic manner
MT: You said okay as if the getting well is not strong enough or fast enough or what is
it ? 
MD : Yes. Not 100 per cent. Not as you or I would like but of course … 

MT: hope he is meeting up with his treatment. 
MD : it is encouraging 
MT: okay. Very well. Thank God. please greet him for me very well.  

MD : so I wish tomorrow I will arrive by Allahs grace. (Nufaa
MT:  okay that’s nice.  (expresses surprise). Is the wedding day
close ? 
MD: yes it’s close. Slowly slowly the time is close. It’s like time is on a fast track. Our time is almost up. We are close to rounding up. 
MT: (mumbles and concurs in the background). Every morning I say a prayer. 
MD : Hmm.  Hmm. Allah help us. ( Allah a ji kam mu). Wa lahi.   Walahi.  
MT: Hmm. This thing. Is there any improvement from suicide bomber from Yola? 
MD: Succc? ( Hesitates. Not sure who is being referred to at first.) 

MT : Sucide Bomber. you know that’s the way that person is being referred to … ( interruption) 
MD: It’s worse. A hundred times worse than what you know.  
MT: Allah. 
MD: Walahi.  

MT : or will Baba talk to the suicide bomber again? Or there is no need? 
MD: There is no need.  No benefit because the person does not listen to anyone. 
MT: This is the problem. 
MD: the person does not listen to anyone. What Sani Zango did ( talking to the person ) and he just passed away. Then
baba also tried. But then it turned out the same thing. 
MT: the man is very patient (meaning PMB). There is virtually nothing you can do again at this point. ( repeats it again). 

MD : yes. (Concurs). There’s not much that can be done. It’s an absolute… something ( trails off ). It’s like a fixed breakfast. There is nothing that can be done. You can’t stay. You can’t go. That’s it. 
MT : I see.  Walahi… 
yes. it’s tragic 
MT : that’s why … said it’s a luxury breakfast. 
( MD. Laughs heartily in response) 
MT: repeats the same thing. 
MD: This is more
that a luxury breakfast. It’s an absolute fixed breakfast. This one. 
MT : Allah a kawo … trails off as MD cuts in 
MD: let’s keep
pleading / praying to Allah.  2ce Just that.  
MT : Now. They said it’s some or his  people that have been talking 
MD: Well. It just bounces off. It just bounces off. 
MT: perhaps it’s best to find out about the people involved like the accounts staff and others. Let’s do this and neutralize him. Perhaps. (Ref NIA DG) 
MD: Well. There are many people bringing or providing many “information”.  ( Lekanoni)  We are doing that. 
MT: Also you can talk to
baba to come out with this project. The project on … 
MD: okay. Okay. 
MT: me I thought about it. And concluded that it’s best you speak to him about it. 
MD: don’t worry. I will speak to him about it. You know he is very fed up with this NIA thing. The way that man this man messed up / scattered things. 
MT: Did
baba brief you ? 
MD: Yes. We spoke with him. We tried to do damage limitation but it hasn’t worked  I am sorry to say.  
MT: before or after the
event ? 
MD: No. before the event. 
oh ! That could have been something… 
MD: because ai baba Kamar …. because it’s gravely damaging to the security agencies. 
MT: that’s it.  
MD: very grave damage. 
MT: you know there is the issue of that youth. He is in
MD : Well. This exceeds their power … 
MT: what I am saying is that if you want
inside something (Infor) he is in Abuja. You may call him. 
MD: okay. Okay. 
MT: Because they know. They know. Someone told me that the guy gives money out to a lot of people. All spheres. That’s one thing that frightens me. And that’s why he has been able to find people to defend him. You see for instance Saraki has come out to speak for him. But I think if you have time. Ask that he be called to come see you. Let him tell you things. You can ask him anything. Also wider things. That is why I tried to have Mallam Abbah… But let me ask. How many are working for
you  in terms of ground work of things. How many people have you got ? 
MD: Nil 
MT: better to find some people to do that. Some working in places because
like in this case you get a verse insight. This is what I am saying. Have them call him for you. And then ask him what is going on… if one is lucky. Even if one is not lucky. Talk to him. 
MD : okay. 
MT: He has been working there for a long time. Plus. He is very bright. So.
It thinkAlso He will be reliable. From what I know of him. Like I told you. He is the one I rely upon to get me information. For a long time now. 
MD: So. He is rarely experienced then. 

MT ; yes. During my time at New Nigerian, I ask him to do research. He got me information on different people. Within 2 to 3 days he will bring me the information I need. 
MD: Yes. Allah is king. ( Allah Sarki) 

MT : I need to tell you this. 
MD: I will try to get hold of him. 
MT: ‘Cos no need to rely on third or second something. But this one
is  first party. So if possible. Call him. He is someone I trust. 
MT: but I am rarely worried about that person In the house. I just don’t know what to do. 

MD : Walahi. Senior Mahmud. We are at our wits end.  We are at our Wits end.  Just not to scare you further or worry you further. A few days ago. At the dinning table. This thing, the sucide bomber we are talking about went and stood there subsequently the man refused to eat. 
MT : why will the sucide bomber to and stand there ? 
MD : because some of the things he can’t eat. They will take it and go and hide them. 
MT: I see.  Villa …. 

MD : they keep narrating to third parties. That this cat will not last. I think you heard enough. Until I return. God sparing  our lives. Until I return.  Next week. 
But the thing is beyond our hand.  We are watching. Walahi. It’s beyond our hand. 
MT:  okay. Until you return. 
MD 😦 laughs at something MT said). Thank God  My only consolation is that if we are praying to Allah and in good faith. Then things will work out. But if contrary that’s the way Allah wants it. That is the way it’s going to be. 
MT: okay. 
until  we speak again.  
MT: okay. Ma
Clicks. Phone call ends. 

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Hon. Olufunke Adedoyin: A True Representative By Comrd. Adeoye Adetoyese. 

Some Of Hon. Olufunke Adedoyin’s Consistency Projects

In the light of recent happenings in the Nigerian political space, one would naturally never miss out on the glaring maladministration to wail about in and there are so many political actors who make our problems more worse and our pain more excruciating than they met it. In all of this political imbroglio, there still exist a few politicians who seem focused on doing the right things cum delivering democratic values and dividends. An obvious instance emerges: and the people of Ekiti, Oke-Ero, Irepodun and Isin Federal constituency and by extension the good people of Kwara are indeed blessed to have someone like the distinguished Honourable Funke Adedoyin synergizing better representation for her constituents.

Hon. Olufunke Adedoyin, Member Federal House Of Representatives

My third point of having a closer encounter with this rare gem was at the official commissioning of Olomu road, Omu-Aran and I could not but put my pen to paper to blow the trumpet of the noble, unassuming, intelligent, accommodating and people oriented distinguished woman with intimidating credentials.

Some Of Hon. Olufunke Adedoyin's Consistency Projects

I was fortunate enough to have a brief closed door session with Honourable Adedoyin with some powerful NANS comrades, some of which were: Comrd. Adio Odunjo, Comrd. Bamikole Babs and Comrd. Olushola Oladoja. After our meeting with this leader of exceptional public service delivery prowess, I could not but exclaim these words to my fellow comrades “she’s a special breed even among other politicians in other climes, I hope she will continue to see the need to do better for the people of her constituency and for the people of Nigeria at large.” 

God bless the Federal Republic Of NIGERIA.

Comrd Adeoye Adetoyese is a postgraduate student of the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) and can be reach via +2348114735242 and

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By Rtr.Raji Habeeb

I have been using social media to promote Rotary / Rotaract for  some years now, posting on facebook and other platforms to connect with others and share Rotary’s message. From time to time, I hear from members who are uncomfortable with social media. They say they feel it is invasive and they bring up concerns for privacy and safety.

Could it be that they are also afraid to embrace change?

 I agree the telephone is still the best way to communicate sometimes. But social media is clearly where it is at for younger people. Can we really afford to ignore the “new age of communications?”

It’s Now or Never, where I learned that only a small percentage of our members are under the age of 20. How are we going to reach these younger generations if not through social media? Are we looking to our future?

Each social media platform is different. I like to use Facebook because it allows me to connect with other professionals from all over the world. I also use WhatsApp and Google when I can. I have connected with thousands through social media. I learn from Roterian,Rotaractors and Interactors about their projects, their important celebrations, and their fundraisers. This is their medium, and the reach is limitless.
My point and passion is this: we must prepare out clubs for the future. And we can do this by working with Rotarian, fellow Rotaractors, learning to use social media in all its power to promote Rotary. We are doing this in the

Rotary Making Difference year. We work with Some Rotaractors who are sharing their ideas with Facebook friends worldwide. And I am so impressed with their enthusiasm for Rotary.

We must mentor our self to become our leaders of today.
Rtr.Raji Habeeb .A

Media & Publicity Dir RMAD


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 The million dollar question that dangles in my mind when acquaintances and associates make recourse to Fate, Predestination and the import of governmental deficiency in personal affairs is  ”Do people shape society or does society shape people?” This is not only personal but it’s the question of the century and my answer is that the sheer power of vision, creativity and strength that the human mind harbours and is capable of harnessing is truly remarkable. If properly channeled and developed, it does not only have the potential of shaping society but it can also change it and alter destinies. This ethos and philosophy is well enunciated in William Ernest’s 19th century poem (which happens to be one of my favourites) titled ”Invictus”. It’s most famous lines confidently assert that ”. . . I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul”. These words resonate deeply with me. They are not only profound but they are also inspiring. He is alluding to the philosophy of the ”triumph of the will” and the concept of ”mind over matter’
I share this worldview and what it affirms is the belief that real men ought to help shape the societies that they live in and invariably great men, who have the courage of their convictions, often do. I totally reject the opposite and paradoxical philosophy that has been so enunciated by those who rhetorically asks ”who can control his fate?” they obviously, and in my view erroneously, believes that fate and destiny lies in the hands of a ”higher power” alone. I also believe in the supremacy of God and in His ability to ”rule in the affairs of men” but I am also of the view that to a great extent we mortals can also control our fate and that our future is determined by the choices that we make. Charles Kay Anyabuike, a young and insightful Nigerian, put it succinctly when he said ”weak minds are shaped by society whilst powerful minds shape society”. I nurture the ever-standing belief that throughout history it has always been the powerful and assertive soul and the strong-willed that have made the difference and that have determined the course of events and the fortunes of their people. 
Without George Washington and the power of his will America would never have been independent and free.

Without Margaret Thatcher and the power of her will Great Britain would never have got back on her feet.

Without Martin Luther King jnr. and the power of his will the United States of America would not have had a civil rights movement.

Without Abraham Lincoln and the power of his will the United States of America would never have remained as one united nation. 

Without Martin Luther and the power of his will the Protestant Church would never have been established.

Without Queen Elizabeth the First and the power of her will England would have remained a tiny island-state and she would have been overwhelmed by the Spanish Armada. 

Without Kwame Nkrumah and the power of his will there would never have been any concept of ”Pan-Africanism”

Without Nelson Mandela and the power of his will apartheid would not have been crushed in South Africa. 

Without Mark Zuckerburg and the power of his will there would have been no Facebook.

Without Bill Gates and the power of his will there would have been no Microsoft. 

*Without Steve Jobs and the power of his will there would have been no Apple.*

Without Marconi and the power of his will there would have been no radio.

*Without Albert Einstein and the power of his will there would have been no theory of relativity.*

Without Charles Darwin and the power of his will there would have been no theory of evolution. . 
*These men and women, and many others like them through the ages, had courage, drive, purpose and vision and they helped to shape the fortunes of humanity and the destiny of nations. Society did not shape them but rather they shaped society by the very force of their will and by the courage of their convictions. This is what is known as the ”triumph of the will”.*
It is sufficient to say that what cripples most people is a lack of confidence, conviction, fortitude and faith and worse of all the fear of failure. This is what separates potentially great men and women who end up just being losers and dreamers and those that are the real heroes who end up being covered in the irresistible robes of eternal glory and greatness. The character traits that makes the real hero stand out is the ability to persevere against all odds, to endure difficult circumstances, to reject the fear of failure, to cultivate the ability to take a great step and to cultivate an unshakeable belief in himself and in his cause.

This is what is known as ”the triumph of the will” and a duty summon to ignite the will in your palm.

Destiny of a man lies in his hand not all in Gods hand but i believe Gods supremacy

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Check out @RotaractOsogbo’s Tweet:


Rotaractor Popoola Oluwatobiloba Martha was born into the family of Mr&Mrs Kehinde Popoola on a beautiful Wednesday morning, 23rd of January, two decades ago. Born in Kano state but had to leave during the then riot and relocated to Ilorin with parents. She attended Tenderfoot Nursery & Primary School and proceeded to Unilorin Secondary School. Due to her parent’s transfer to Osogbo, she had to leave and changed to Academy of Success where she eventually completed her secondary education. After a successful completion of her O’level, she was offered admission to study English Language Education at University of Uyo in the year 2009 and got certified upon completion of her degree program in the year 2014. She however got delayed by school and couldn’t go for the National Youth Corps Service, she then had to work with Sart Partners Limited till 2017 when she was eventually mobilized. She is presently serving her fatherland in Ilorin, Kwara State. 

“Slim” as fondly called by friends & family became a part of Rotary family in the year 2010 after a fun section anchored by PADR Akinyoade Afeez(Osupa) at her birthday party in school. She willingly joined the club and got inducted in the year BCBC by PDR Ojo Philip. She contributed actively to the progress of the club as she served in diverse capacities before transferring her membership to Rotaract Club of Osogbo in the year 2013.

Martha is a devoted Christian. Her hobbies include listening to music, chatting and watching movies. She is a loyal fan of Manchester United. She is single but comfortably committed to a relationship. 

Thank u….

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_✍Quote for the day✍_

_Coffee never knew it will taste nice and sweet, before it met sugar and milk. We are good as individuals but become better when we blend with the right people. The world is full of nice people, if you can’t find one, be one._

“`The richest wealth is health and wisdom. The strongest weapon is patience.

The best security is faith.

The greatest tonic is laughter, and the greatest force is love. 

The surest assurance is hope in God. And the source of our strength is the joy of the Lord. Surprisingly all are free.  

Do have a blessed, fulfilled and fruitful day!“`

Rtr Oyewole Michael O.

DRR RID 9125

Rotary making a difference

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