Femi Adesina: Firing Blanks, Dangerously By Kennedy Emetulu

Mr. Femi Adesina

I like and respect Femi Adesina and I consider him a friend. I have tried not to criticize him publicly; indeed, whatever I’ve had to say to him, I’ve said it to him privately. But I’m going to make an exception here. I’m doing so because I consider this piece an insult to Nigerians who endured 50 days of unmitigated insults from him and all those who spoke publicly for the president while he was in London. It is my view that rather than write a piece like this publicly upon the return of the president, Femi should have quietly thanked God and learned the lessons of the episode, the most important one being not to insult Nigerians over this matter, no matter their stance. Femi needs to get a good talking-to over this and I’m not hesitating to be one of those to tell him the truth loud and clear.

What we have in this piece is what happens when you cross the line from the public to the private, from the professional to the personal. Oh, of course, I’m not saying when you occupy the position of a media spokesperson for the president you shouldn’t have a personal relationship with him, no; however, the most important relationships are the professional and public ones because those are the primary reasons you are there.

You are not appointed as an ab’obaku or someone who must follow the president or whoever you are appointed to represent in the media to the grave. You are appointed to sell him and his program to the Nigerian people. You are appointed to do so professionally and respectfully and to do so with the voice and mind of the Nigerian people themselves because they are the people you are actually working for, not the president.

The president is elected to do a good job and you are appointed to constantly inform the people about this good job that the president is expected to be doing. You are the bridge between them and the president and his administration. Your job is to make your boss acceptable to Nigerians; your job is not to vilify the opposition, tag them uncharitably and insultingly or divide Nigerians along partisan lines. Your job is to win over all the haters of the president. You might not succeed in doing so fully, but you must be seen constantly to be attempting to do so at all times.

The way you talk in public and the way you respond to criticisms of the administration and the way you explain or defend your principal must show that you respect every Nigerian, no matter their view. For instance, as it concerns this matter, whether these Nigerians are mischief makers, people who wish the president dead or people opposed to his person and his administration, it shouldn’t matter. They are not the controllers of fates and the president’s well-being does not depend on them. Joining issues with them this way is childish, unintelligent and demeaning. Nigerians have seen that their president is back, they know he is recovering from an illness and is likely to return for more treatment and they have heard from him themselves; so of what value is Femi jumping in the gutter to engage anyone over this? While the president must receive flak as par for the course because of the nature of his job, you must be like Caesar’s wife, above reproach, because you are there to make things easier for him with the people, not harder. Rather than creating a siege mentality around the president, you should be showing with your open door and your open heart that the president is not ensconced in Aso Rock, removed from national reality.

This piece shows what happens when you cannot rein in your emotions or check your bias when occupying a public position. Does Femi think he’s helping the president’s cause with this piece? Does he think this shows how loyal he is to the president? Does he think this would win anybody over to his side? Does he think this absolves him and his office from the blame that must surely be theirs for the ineptitude and shoddiness that attended their handling of the whole affair? The obvious irony here is that this piece is the biggest case of gloating we have seen since the president fell ill and was rushed to London. Can’t he see that he’s actually contradicting the maturity he attributes to the president’s conduct upon his return? To cut a long story short, this piece is unhelpful. Femi should not have written it.

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Sen. Dino Melaye

Exit Stephanie Otobo Vs. Apostle Johnson Suleiman; Exit Ibrahim Magu; Exit Hameed Ali; Enter Dino Melaye Vs. Sahara Reporters/Omoyele Sowore. 
I sincerely empathise with the helpless Nigerian electorate, as these are the inanities they are regaled with from day to day, week to week, month to month and year to year.

Before one could say Jack Robbinson, it is another election year, and the helpless electorate will queue under the sun to vote for clowns and kleptomaniacs, not after being induced with a cup of parboiled rice, garri, loaf of bread, bean cake (akara), customised ball pen, cap, t-shirt, drink corks, or a paltry cash ranging between N500 to N5000.

Nigerian Electorate are helpless because they have not the capacity to sack any elected legislator, President, Governor or Council Chairman until another election year. This is like entering a One Chance bus, if the elected official turns out to be a Disaster.

I also say no thanks to the Mass Media who in most cases set agenda with inanities by given them prominence.
But some practitioners would argue, the society gives birth to the media. It is what the society is discussing that the Media gives prominence for its own survival.

Quite unfortunately, This is a country where we jettison real issues to discuss inanities. 

Agree that Dino has no Degree, his constituents can recall him. Why the hoopla by persons who aren’t even members of his Senatorial District. 
If these clowns who in 2015 set a precedence by saying aspirants can contest with even a NEPA Bill like let them Masturbate from today till next year over Dino, the dude is going no where.

He will continue to represent members of his Senatorial District from now till May 2019. If his people like him, they can reelect him again. It is up to them. 
So, ranting on Social Media with Verbose and Superfluous Grammar to show relevancy can never oust Dino.

Imagine clowns who went into Hibernation since August 2015, now feasting on Dino as if he snatched their wives and girlfriends.

Dino don’t represent the whole of Nigeria, he represents people of Kogi West Senatorial District. So, what’s your headache about how he got his degree and O’levels when you are not a member of his Senatorial District? This would have been the job of his co-aspirants prior or after the election.

When Dino was hurling abuses on ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, parading GMB’s name as the sought after Messiah, why wasn’t he exposed by Sowore et al?

Politics here in Nigeria is Rogue Politics. In the game, No Permanent Friend nor Enemy,  just Permanent Interest.
Nonetheless, Dino’s case has a Maximum 28 days to be discussed, then we are regaled with another Inanity.
What has been the achievements of the present administration, Sector by Sector, the media and Nigerians have failed to discusss it, two years after.

Let us Continue the rat race, 2019 is around the corner!
Ikenna Asomba, is a Journalist and Social Commentator

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#WorldRotaractWeek: The Rotaract Club Of Jos Shere Hills, District 9125 NG Celebrates In Style. 

The president presenting the white board to the vice principal.

The Rotaract Club of Shere choose to celebrate #WorldRotaractWeek by making a donation of white board to Saint Louis College and also used the same avenue to initiate an Interact Club in the School. 

The club president, Rotaractor Peter Ochedi in his opening address said that “Today the Club is gathered here to identity with you, fulfill one of its 6 areas of focus and use the same platform to introduce world known selfless organisation Rotary to you via starting up an Interact Club in your school. Accept our gift and bea part of history of the forming of an Interact Club here with is ideally a Rotary Club project”. 

Cross section of Students present at the event.

The President Nominee of the Rotary Club of Jos, Rotarian Gabriel Omachi who was in attendance took time to introduce Interact to them and gave them orientation of what Interact Club is all about. Also at the program was the District Rotaract Representative Elect, Rotaractor Oyewole Michael. There was an interesting section of questions being asked by the students and the Rotarian and Rotaractors present did justice to all questions asked. Some of the students who stood out were given gifts ranging from Cash, Lapel pins and Interact handout. The entire process was anchored by the President Elect of the Rotaract Club Of Jos Shere Hills, Rtr. Israel Attah anchored the entire process. 


Cross section of some Rotaractor present at the program.

The vice principal of the school, Mrs. Martha expressed joy and appreciation for the kind gesture shown to the school by the Rotaract Club of Jos Shere and she prayed from her heart for God’s protection and prosperity. She further made commitments and assured us of the willingness of the School management to give their all to the success of the newly formed  Interact Club. 

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Why I Am Supporting Barr. Paul Ishabor For Chairman Of Ogoja  LGA By Edward Ntebri Egbelo

Barr. Paul Ishabor

Ogoja is one of the oldest provinces in the traditional Nigeria setting, the old town is a mother of many other Local Government Areas in Northern Cross River State. Be it as it may be, Ogoja is a champion of not just Northern Cross River, but a champion of Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole. The Local Government is a warlord that has many swords that have butchered the perception of mental slavery in the old.
Just like Idah in Kogi State, Ogoja is an exceptional Local Government Area in Nigeria with many cultural histories attached to its name. As a traditional Ogoja man and a true believer of the Ogoja dream, I stand firm to say the true intentions of the musters of this historic Local Government Area are yet to be achieved.

My position have always been absolutely clear and precise, that for Ogoja to move forward, a generation of young think-tanks in the Local Government have to be mustered by a leader who understands the traditional Ogoja principles and can correlate it with the modern realities of the 21st century.

Ogoja is not just any Local Government, neither is it a tribe, Ogoja is a movement of a group of people who believe in developing the little land they find theirselves in order to attract visitors. Hospitality is the core objective of a traditional Ogoja man, he sees a visitor as a storyteller that will someday tell the story of the Ogoja tribe.

Now, why am I supporting Barr. Paul Ishabor? It is eminent to note that before now, I have always maintained a neutral position when it comes to decisions that affects my people directly, but on this I have made my choice at an early stage because we have grown pass that stage of waiting. This is the time for political correctness and indepth thinking.

Who is Barrister Paul Ishabor? He is not just a politician but an active player in the rebranding and industrialization of Cross River State. Barrister Paul Ishabor is a 41 years old graduate of the Faculty of Law, University of Calabar. After his University studies in 2003, he join the Nigerian Law School in 2004 and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 2005.

He then followed up to do his NYSC in the Ministry of Justice, Port Harcourt, Rivers State. 

In order to perfect his legal knowledge, he started legal practice with I . A. Adenike (SAN), Port Harcourt. He join the Cross River State Ministry of Justice in 2007 and was Deployed to Investment Promotion in 2009. While serving in Investment Promotion, he was upgraded to the rank of a manager in 2010 Paul Ishabor have been involved in the attraction and facilitation of business entry for the following major investors into CRS:

a. Wilmar International/PZ Cussons – $400m investment portfolio

b. General Electric – $1bn Multi-modal Manufacturing and Training Facility

c. Artee/Spar Group – $100m investment in a World Class Shopping Mall

d. Brentex Petroleum – $300m Pipes Mills Manufacturing Plant

e. Project Masters $100m Oil and Gas Fabrication Yard

f. Giant Cement – $600m investment in a 6 million Mt Cement Plant

g. Premier Feed Mills – $100m Feed Mill Plant- Flour Mills, Calabar.

He had been involved in several projects too which includes:

1. The Conceptualization and implementation of the N2bn Songhai Cross River State Farm Initiative;

2. The Conceptualization and implementation of the 2 X 26MW Calabar Independent Power Plant Project leveraging on the $100m Indian-EXIM Bank Line of Credit (LOC) to Nigeria;

3. He was part of the CRS team that appeared before the Senate and House of Representatives Committees to defend the $30m CRS component of the Indian LOC;

4. He was amongst the CRS team to Mumbai, India for meeting with the GM, Indian EXIM Bank aimed at resolving the procurement issues of the EPC Contract for Calabar IPP Project;

5. He was part of the Cross River State Delegation to the 2nd Nigerian Investment Summit to New York organized by the Africa Business Roundtable.

6. He was amongst the Nigerian Government delegation to New Delhi, India for bilateral dialogue towards resolving all the issues surrounding the $100m LOC to Nigeria;

7. He partook in the conceptualization of the Cross River State Micro Finance and Enterprise Development Agency;

8. He was part of the team that bided for and attracted the CBN Entrepreneurship Development Centre (EDC) to Cross River State;

9. He was involved in the UK, DFID GEMs3 efforts that improved the World Bank ranking of Cross River State in the Ease of Doing Business in Nigeria Survey.

His passion for Education have led him to several educational organizations and workshops. 

He is currently continuing his Legal Education at Alpha Juris Workshop Series in Criminal Procedure, Contract Negotiation and Drafting etc. He has a certificate in Managerial Leadership in Sales and Marketing from Lagos Business School. He has undergone a training in the Establishment and Management of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) by KW Group, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

He understudied the development and growth of SMEs Industrial Parks in Ankara, Turkey using the OSTIM Industrial Park, Turkey as a case study. He participated in the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA) Conference, Geneva 2012. He participated in the Roundtable Conference on Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility organized by Thistle Praxis Consulting in Tinapa, CRS.

His level of political exposure can be traced back to his student days as a unionist. He was President National Association of Ogoja Students World Wide in 2001/02. 

He was Senate President, Law Students Association of Nigeria, Unical Chapter in 2003. He was President National Association of Northern Cross River State Students (NANCRISS) in 2003/2004. He has also been President, Ogoja youth PDP Campaign Organization. 

He has been an active player in the politics of the PDP. He Actively participated in the 2003, 2007, 2011 & 2015 elections with victories for the PDP.

It is evidently clear that his character suits the high position of Ogoja Local Government Area. 

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PEOM: Still, It Floated At Last By KenWins And Rolex. 

KenWins And Rolex

KenWinsAcross the sea,

I swam.

Above the hills,

I walked.

Over the fence,

I climbed. 

And once again,

I’m on this lonely path.

And so the thought 

Crept into my mind

“What a circle I have been moving in.”
My days are numbered

Especially as a lone walker

I shouldn’t have let him go

On this day years ago

Though he wanted more of it

But I would hear none of it

Our conversation got to the height of it

And we both lost ourselves to the heat.

Events may not last

Strength may wane. 

Willingness may be lost. 

In fierce battle 

My mind moves but

My body resists. 

Both star gazing 

Occupied my thoughts. 

As each day slides,

Secretly I monitor 

Her social media updates 

Finding reconnection. 


Bounding prevailed. 
Intellectual discuss 


Endless laughter 


Uncommon Loyalty 


Untrained Love


Never failing Shoulder 

Leaned on. 

Just like always 

My muse, my inspiration

Is finally here. 

Our conversations

Our strongest unity.

On this day years ago 

I let you go

And today I fought for you

For you did same for me

My broken heart mended,

My sour love turned sweet,

My sleeping spirit awakened,

All this you did.

For love? 

I do not care.

All I seek I got

All I got was all that mattered

All that mattered was  

My Muse, my inspiration 

Which is none but you.

So my lonely days

Are over.

The times of flying solo

Are long gone.

And I’m elated because my spirit is now at peace

For I looked past my feelings 

To right my wrongs.

© DareHeights Group 2017. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The uploading, scanning and distribution of this material in any form or by any means- including but not limited to electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise- without the permission of @DareHeights and @KenWins is illegal. Your support of the DareHeights right is appreciated.

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Pendulum: Before President Buhari Returns Home By Dele Momodu. 

Chief Dele Momodu

Fellow Nigerians, something major is happening in our dear beloved country and it is very positive. Every disappointment they say is a blessing. While we are very sad that our President, Muhammadu Buhari, has not been feeling too well for some time now and needs treatment and recuperation abroad, I now believe that God wants him to also have some time for sober and deep reflection. Someone asked me about two weeks ago, on Twitter if I have given up on the Buhari government? My answer was an emphatic NO! And the reason I gave was simple and straight-forward enough: I believe in miracles. 


What has happened in Nigeria in the past few weeks, even days, can only be a testimony to that miracle I prophesised. When President Buhari left Nigeria he formally wrote to the Senate putting his Vice-President in charge as Acting President until he returns. That singular act which is merely a repetition of what was done during previous extended personal visits abroad by the President is salutary as it is stellar and itself heralded the transformation in this government that we are witnessing. It seems to me that President Buhari knew that his government needed some change in direction, some fillip, and in his infinite wisdom chose a subtle way to initiate that change without seeming to jettison his kitchen cabinet. 


When I flew out of Lagos to Johannesburg last Monday, February 20, 2017, a US dollar was selling for about 520 naira in the omnipotent black market. As at Thursday, it was selling at around 475 Naira. By yesterday, Friday 24 February 2017the Naira was exchanging at about 460 Naira to the Dollar.  What a difference a week makes.  This remarkable resurgence of the Naira is coming on the heels of new policies and directives that the CBN has been mandated to put in place by the rejuvenated economic team that the Acting President is the driving force.


Not just that, I received a report from Senator Tokunbo Afikuyomi that the Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, paid an unscheduled visit to the Murtala Muhammed International Airport on Thursday, February 23, 2016, and caught the airport officials napping. My joy knew no bounds. Only last Saturday, I had complained bitterly about that unfortunate airport on this very page. 


In the past seven years, I must have written countless times about that that gory airport. It was one of the reasons I disliked President Jonathan’s government because it had done a wishy-washy renovation of the place and was celebrating it as if we can now compete with some of the best airports in Africa (note that I did not mention Dubai, Europe or America). I took pictures of dead escalators, comatose elevators, jet bridges in blatant darkness, leaking roofs, cranky conveyor belts, flooded and stinking toilets, murky basements, potential structural deficiencies from a disused underground car park and generally an airport in various stages of disrepair, dilapidation and decay. We did what we could to alert our leaders to the monumental disgrace at that airport. 


It is however not just the infrastructure that is wrong with the Airport.  At a time when the Acting President has launched a 60-day initiative for making it easier to do business in Nigeria, it is incumbent upon him to ensure that this starts from our international airports as this is the first thing that the foreign visitor and investor sees upon arrival in Nigeria. I have never been able to understand why we must have Security operatives openly checking passports along their Immigration airports upon arrival at the Airport.  In the same vein, I cannot understand why we must stick with the archaic, unhealthy and unsafe practice of manually rummaging through passenger’s luggage when they are departing and having the full complement of security agencies visibly on hand to do this to the inconvenience of passengers and other airport users.  Technology has long since gone beyond this. Security and search of luggage is now automated, mechanical and above all unobtrusive.  It cannot be the case that our huge unemployment rate is responsible for creating jobs where none should exist thus creating an indolent corrupt workforce.  The devil they say finds work for idle hands.  Despite our repeated calls for the overhauling of the International Airport, Minister after Minister have however behaved as if the place was virtually jinxed and the gods of Abuja could do nothing to sanction their rascality.


Anyway. The good news is that the Acting President has started doing some of the things we expected and advised President Buhari to do. I do not want to over-excite anyone yet but this is smelling good, like the Americans would put it. We must enter special prayers and intercede with serious fasting so that President Buhari can continue along this path of progress when he returns to office, hopefully very shortly, by the grace of God. 


I had suggested in my memos to him that what he was looking for in Sokoto (the city) is actually in his sokoto (pocket). He has got a powerful joker in the pack and that is his Vice President. Professor Osinbajo is not your typical politician. He is a technocrat with the diligence, astuteness and thoroughness of the smart lawyer that he is. He has a passion for Nigeria and its great development that is uncanny and worthy of emulation. Whilst I am relatively close to Prof Osinbajo through my best friend, Prince Adedamola Aderemi, and his family, we do not meet that often.  However, we once met at London Heathrow, long before he ever dreamt of becoming Vice President, if he ever did, and we discussed Nigeria for so long, almost forgetting that we had flights to catch. I remember how we agreed that running a government should not be so difficult. Our paths crossed again during the campaigns. He and our mutual friends, Pastors Ituah Ighodalo and Ghandi Afolabi Olaoye who were with him at the time, shared similar hopes for Nigeria. Our passion alone coupled with temporal faith in the Buhari/Osinbajo administration was enough to move mountains.


So, what went so wrong that this miraculous government began to wobble and fumble as soon as it came to power? It is one of those ironies of politics that a government that came on the promise of ameliorating the suffering of the people actually exacerbated the terrible situation it met on ground. 


Many wonder why a government and political party that has an Osinbajo and parades several other political wizards has found it difficult to stabilise the economy? How come a President that received substantial votes from across the country without much controversy could not unify the nation? Why did Buhari decide to start his tenure with fighting on too many fronts? Here was a leader who already had his hands full from Boko Haram menace. The only reasonable conclusion was that President Buhari was programmed to fail by the same cabal that has held Nigeria by the jugular since Independence. This fact, that Baba was heavily jazzed by some principalities, was actually corroborated by an insider and no less a personage than Mrs Aisha Buhari, the wife of our President. 


Truth is Professor Osinbajo is re-navigating the country in the right direction and should be encouraged to do more by President Buhari. If a man discovers a snake and a woman kills it, it doesn’t matter who did what. The glory ultimately goes to President Buhari for having the wisdom of entrusting Nigeria to such a loyal and dependable ally. Baba should ignore the demons of power who may wish to drive a wedge between them. Any parent or sibling would be proud of a child making the family great. This is what Osinbajo is doing and he should be commended and applauded for it.


Nigeria needs to make a lot of money quickly and reduce the dollar rate since most business people depend on importation of goods and even services. For the time being, our first source of income is oil. Osinbajo has done the most necessary thing by visiting the Niger Delta and offering the olive branch to the militants. I don’t know why Baba thought he could wipe them off the surface of the earth just like that. Thank God, something good is likely to come out of this timely effort at dialogue and negotiation. 


The second major task for the Acting President is to resuscitate and revive our ailing companies.  Many of them are shutting down and everything must be done to ensure that they resume business properly. Too many Nigerians have already lost their scarce jobs due to the stubbornness of government to free its soul from siege mentality and see businessmen and women as partners in progress.


The third major mission is to ease the palpable tension in the land. President Buhari has done very well in fighting insurgency in the North but, sadly, a new menace is ravaging Southern Kaduna where lives are being wasted recklessly. We pray that government would find a quick solution. Peace must be allowed to reign supreme and Government must be seen not to be taking sides.


The government bureaucracy in Nigeria is atrocious. Everything must be done to curtail the excesses of civil servants who are too set in their ways. The rule of Law must be enforced. No Nigerian should feel inferior to a fellow citizen on account of ethnicity or religion. No one is comfortable investing in a country full of stress and unnecessary hiccups. 


When Baba returns, he should reach out more to Nigeria. Many people feel he has become too distant and a bit standoffish since achieving his dream of attaining power. I personally believe that this may not be the truth but perception counts a lot. When Baba comes back, he should be less acrimonious and reconcile Nigeria. Nigeria is haemorrhaging dangerously.  Prof Osinbajo seems to be waving a magic wand right now.  President Buhari will do well to own that magic wand when he returns and build on the progress made by his Vice President.  That is the essence of a good team. It is what Nigerians desire and what they deserve after the darkness that they have recently been plunged into.

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Being A Press Release On The State Of NANS Zone C And Plateau State By Com. Obande Gideon, CPC Chairman. 

The CPC of the National Association of Nigerian Students Zone C wish to welcome all Nigerian students to Plateau State for the Inauguration of her new Excos and thank the Barr. Simon Lalong led Administration for playing host to a lot of student events since May 2015. 

We are more delighted that amidst the economic recession, infrastructural developement is still on going on the plateau; a very rare scenario in other parts of the country and encourage the government to keep up with the good work. 

We wish to acknowledge the commitment of this great administration in youth developement and plead with his Exellency to look into the plight of Nigerian Students who have travelled from far and wide to come grease this occasion of inauguration in Plateau State. 

While looking foward to the ever supporting hand of the government, we wish to condole His Exellency on the Demise of the Deputy Chief of Staff to the Government and pray that God gives him and the family of the departed the fortitude to bear the loss. 

Viva Aluta! 

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